UPDATE: Pt discharged home with improvement of some symptoms and wraparound services. CABHH and PRTF referral stand.

16 yo adopted white gender fluid/nonbinary adolescent with Albinism of Otter Tail County. No hx of attachment concerns. Delay with speech. Some historical cognitive and attentional concerns. No substance use. Expressing SI, SIB urges and lability. Hospitalized twice in early 2023 until admission to PrairieCare RTC on 4/11/23, needing a higher level of care, admitting to Inpatient 4/18/23. Patient has severe lip biting when dysregulating causing multiple lip lacerations, requiring suturing.

Primary Recommendation is CABHH; Referral made, on waitlist.

Residential Treatment or PRTF consideration:
-Avanti; referral made, declined due to aggression and seclusion history
-Northwoods; referral made, on call back list, 9 month waitlist
-North Homes; referral made, accepted, waitlist out to mid-summer/fall 2023> still would need QRTP funding*
-Gerard; referral made, reviewing, declined due to staffing needs in educational settings
-CRTC; referral made, declined
-Heartland Girls Ranch, county SW to refer
-Village Ranch, county SW to refer

-Grafton, referral made, denied, can reach out in a couple months for re-review due to their staffing
-NorthWoods, waitlist 12 months
-Leo A Hoffman; referral not made, only accepting Male patients

Out-of-state RTC:
Guardian declines referrals for out-of-state placement at this time

*QRTP funding is not in place- Parent does not consent to Relative Search which Otter Tail County uses in the QRTP pre placement screening process.