A bed is not a bed

There is an alarming number of youths in psychiatric or behavioral health crisis stuck boarding in emergency departments, medical units, county buildings, jails, and even hospital parking garages. These situations are intense, and the needed interventions and services are scarce. The average time spent boarding is increasing, in some cases up to weeks or even

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Getting to Yes!

The MHCH has helped over 200 youth in behavioral health boarding situations get connected to mental health treatment providers and safe support in the community. Cases are submitted with de-identified information that matches to providers across the state who offer services that may help Download PDF  

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Lessons Learned

In August 2022, hospital systems and child and family service providers started a grassroots effort to share ideas and resources to get to yes and deliver appropriate community-based care for children boarding in hospitals. Designed to capture data and track outcomes, this effort has yielded valuable data and become a venue to identify barriers to

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