Update 5/16/24: Still on Empath. Cancelled follow up visit/pursuit of ChildServe due to county not being able to provide out of state funding. Starting over with contacting facilities in MN. Enriched living extensive waitlist, Beacon sent referral for long term crisis placement, Dragon fly still reviewing, JD homes reviewing, REM reviewing.
Update 5/9/24: Still on Empath unit. Being reviewed by ChildServe for potential placement out of state. County also pursuing waiver for adult group home.
Update 4/15/24: Still on the Empath unit and continues to do well. MN Choice Assessment completed last week. Referral made to ChildServe in Iowa.
Update 3/21/24: Still on Empath unit, doing well. Stearns county has guardianship, still working on CADI waiver. Referral made to Dragonfly.
Update:3/7/24: On Empath unit, used for assessments and stabilization. 48 hour stay. Doesn’t need hospital. Needs to be assigned a social worker. On a chips hold. Going to need a CADI waiver.
Patient is diagnosed with Soto’s syndrome and is non-verbal with significant developmental delay and suspected cognitive functioning of a toddler. Dad dropped her off at the ER with reports that he is not willing to bring her back home as he and mom are aging and are unable to manage her any longer as they have other disabled children in the home and mom has health issues. Patient has a chronic history of slapping herself, biting herself and others, and pulling hair. Patient is incontinent of bowel and bladder and requires significant assistance with ADL’s including toileting, bathing, dressing, and eating. Family currently has no supportive services in place with the exception of psychiatry. CPS report was filed with court scheduled Monday morning. Not aggressive or violent since in ER. Compliant. 1:1 since she’s on an adult unit.


Update: DIfficult to place, haven’t been successful at contact w family
Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: physical aggression, significant behavioral change. Patient has Autism, is non-verbal, has a developmental delay, speech delay, PICA and behavioral issues at home that have been increasingly difficult for the family to manage. Patient was seen her earlier this month after ingesting a battery. Patient reportedly has been accepted for a residential treatment facility in Missouri – Lake Mary Center, though they currently do not have a funding source and intake is not until the end of December. Family has been working with Aurora Behavioral Services, as well as psychiatry and PCA services.


UPDATE: as of 8/24/23 she has been accepted to a residential facility in Georgia, and the family is waiting for some pieces from their insurance company. Transportation is ready to go once insurance is approved – hopefully end of this week or early next.

Pt is presented to the ED via EMS for the following concerns: verbal agitation, physical aggression, significant behavioral change, and anxiety. Pt has been in a residential treatment center for approximately 5 weeks, and had been in a “crisis state” all day, on day of admission. Pt was requiring frequent restraints, supervision and redirection for up to 8 hours. She was non-compliant with treatment activities, frequently trying to run away from program activities, and into the street. Pt kept searching for sharp objects to self-harm, and assaulted staff when they tried to take objects from her.
These are chronic behaviors for pt. Pt is currently in a 3rd residential treatment program (secure), with a hx of one prior group home placement. Pt has a hx of several mental health hospitalizations, with most recent in October 2022. Patient has a hx of refusing medications.
Residential facility stating that pt has been discharged, however there is no discharge paperwork available. From North Dakota. No case mgr or services in place. Her parents were able to get her into the residential treatment center she was at. Able to DC but nowhere to go at this point.


UPDATE: Mom wouldn’t sign ROI for CRTC to she still awaits placement.

Patient is a 15 year-old with a history of PTSD, MDD, and GAD. She has a history of five previous psychiatric hospitalizations and one premature discharge from residential treatment this past spring after restricting her food and water intake (start of present hospitalization). Nutritional intake has continued to decline to the point of needing tube feeds to meet daily nutritional requirements, with symptoms more closely resembling anorexia nervosa at this time.

Patient is already connected with medication management, county case management, CPS, and psychotherapy.


Client in process of completing DA through our Assessment Team so not all information is complete at this time. The system has not been helpful to this family for a long time and they are struggling to maintain his adoption. He has low IQ, largely non-verbal with few receptive language skills (communicates by pulling people to things), approved for residential treatment over 3 years ago – not accepted to any placement so far, has a DD case manager and “unlimited” waiver. Historical diagnosis include: ASD, PTSD, GDD, and ADHD. He has significant behaviors including hitting, pushing, stomping and fecal smearing when told “no” or denied access to something even with a body suit. Behaviors of some kind occur multiple times daily. He is aggressive toward all family members but the fecal smearing happens more in response to mother. He has been declined services at over 20 PCA agencies, is not successful attending outpatient therapy services or medical appointments (aggressive to providers and engages in behaviors), no respite providers will accept him, and he has been declined admission to psychiatric hospitalization and most outpatient providers declined him for services as his needs are “too great”. The family includes 4 other children many with special needs, and 2 are medically fragile. The family is to the point where parents are considering having one parent live with this child and the other 4 with the other parent for safety reasons.

6-23-23 client is now linked to Fraser and LSS for possible additional in-home wavier paid supports/services to decrease the likelihood of a boarding or out of home placement