1 week prior to ED pt was found tied up in her home by her parents. She was taken to Children’s and placed into foster care. Mother didn’t believe in Western Medicine and was using THC and tying her up to treat pt’s agitation in the home. Pt presented to Regions ED from the foster home due to increase agitation and needing more staff support, pt has severe ASD, DD. Hx of violence towards self and others. She can’t eat without someone holding her hands because she hits everything away. She is mostly nonverbal, only knows a few words.
Has been in the ED for over 165 hours, she has been started on medications and we have seen a decrease in her level of agitation. She has been more cooperative with ADLs, takes medications, and eating meals w/ assist and staff have been able to redirect her before a code needs to be called. Pt has been declined by all inpatient facilities at this time. CPS in Anoka is current guardian. Has DD waiver. Regions providing sensory support, weighted blankets, stuffed animals, music. Needs 24/7 support.
Mom currently in custody.


UPDATE 11.16.23 – Dragonfly is a potential placement.
Patient recently moved to Minnesota and was displaying sexualized behaviors at school (disrobing, touching herself, attempting to grope teachers, making sexualized comments) CPS was contacted and they were concerned Patient was being sexually abused at home. They were brought to our hospital in need of out of home placement after MCRC visit while dad is investigated. Carver County has temporary custody. Patient has history of developmental delay. No sexualized behaviors toward other kids, mostly with self, while playing with dolls and adults.
Having DX completed this week. County pursuing a variety of options


Twin brother adopted from Ecuador at age 11. DD, operate at about 5-6 year old. No MA or waiver due to parent income. County case manager referred to MSOCS and CSS. Mom working with Kennedy Krieger. Barriers: no MA, waiver or declined due to DD or aggression. DC from Chileda due to behaviors.


History of suicide attempts and self-harm, verbal and physical agression, DD, FAS, ADHD, identifies as non-binary


Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: physical aggression. Patient became escalated at home, following his PCA staff leaving for the night. Details on the escalation are unclear at this time. Patient is diagnosed with Autism with little to no verbalization. Patient has a case manager, PCA support for before and after school until 8 pm, and on weekends from 8 am – 8 pm. Patient has a history of biting himself, scratching himself, and aggressive behaviors towards others. Patient historically escalates before/after school, and after his PCA staff leave for the night. Patient has been to the ED 19 times in 2023, due to aggression/symptoms of ASD.


Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: physical aggression. Patient has prior diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, Intellectual Disability, and Mood Disorder. Patient has prior presentations for behavioral issues and outbursts at United, Mercy, and Abbott. Patient lives with his mother and 5 other siblings. Patient and his family were outside, when he says his sister started mocking him. Patient hit his sister twice, and then his brother. Patient then came up behind his mother, as if to hit her, and his brother stepped in. Patient’s mother is refusing to pick him up.
Patient’s family is moving this week, and he does not want to move.


UPDATE 9/14/23: Discharge date to Companion Homes set for 9.22.23
UPDATE: 9.7.23 working on a group home placement.
Patient is presented to the ED via EMS. Patient was discharged from Chelida Residential Facility after 2 years, for assaulting another client. Patient was then admitted to Winnebago Mental Health Institue in WI. Patient was discharged, and returned home to parents. Patient has since demonstrated emotional and behavioral dysregulation such as following his mother around, threatening to hit and push her. Patient also biked to his neighbors, and pulled his pants down in their driveway. Patient has a history of assaulting neighbors and is not supposed to be there.
Patient has historically received services at St. Davids, Fraser, and the MN Autism Center.