Patient was adopted 2 years prior from Bulgaria. Initially, patient had very odd behaviors. For example, he would like his adoptive dad to be present in the bathroom when he went to the bathroom and showered. Parents state his behaviors have escalated. He has tried to masturbate the dog. He draws pictures of men with erections. He has exposed his genitals to his siblings. Purposefully incontinent of stool at tines. He has killed a Chinchilla and possibly several cats. He has tried to strangle the dog. They found sharp objects including a razor and sharp screwdriver under the bed. He did cut the top of his left hand but states this was an accident. Adoptive mom states they have a special needs child and patient has tried to harm this child. Parents are worried about safety within the home.


History of trauma, sexually exploited youth, aggression, ODD, multiple placements, adjustment disorder. Had an Intake with FV PHP program, was accepted, but nowhere to place her to do the program. Meeting today with county to discuss the case. Looking at intensive therapy services, shelters.
Patient been accepted to Fairview’s PHP, pt has a foster mom who is only willing to take pt home after completing PHP, county seeking residential. 3/23 update: transferring 3/24 @ 10:15 am to DIVINE.


ADHD, adjustment disorder, anxiety, Developmental delay, ODD, aggression, sexualized behavior. FAmily was living in shelter. Disregulated episode- tried to strangle self, to ED for assessment. Initially rec for inpt, then decided he did’nt need inpt. Family leaving shelter soon, so not able to take him back at this time. Mom says addicted to porn. Became disregulated once but otherwise has been stable, no SI. Henn county won’t get involved- saying it’s not abandonment, doesn’t have a county case mgr. Some services thru Dakota county. Level 4 school setting. Looking into other shelters. Family thinks he needs tx. Referrals to nexus, Prairie Care, Henn County Peace offering made. Gap in services. 7/21 was at Prairie Care. Mom open to foster home, he doesn’t necessarily need residential. Mom isn’t visiting bec she is scared he will be sent home with her.
Previously attended IP MH at PC in July 2021, no current acute SI, safety concerns in hospital, pt and his family are homeless, got kicked out of shelter due to aggression, pt currently does not have any county supports. Patient’s family moved from St. Cloud. Due to pt’s age, history of aggression, and sexualized behavior (watching porn, taking photos of privates, exposing himself to siblings) mom has been unable to find a shelter that will accept them. referral for services was put in with Hennepin county. DC’d to home with mom.


PTSD, Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder, Conduct Disorder, ADHD, ODD. Just got approval from HC for funding. Case mgr will start making calls. Doest present well on paper. Challenging behaviors – gets escalated and disreg. with peers. Is able to walk away. Threatens to hurt people but hasn’t yet. Remorseful about behavior. Learning about her dx. Fun kid, gets along with certain peers. Doesn’t work well with peers who have made statements about race. Ready to benefit from res. tx. and work with people 1 on 1. A lot of early childhood disruptions. Not sure why removed from bio mom – per aunt and gramma, she didn’t know how to be a parent. Aunt and gramma say that she has tried to kill them, threatens people, hard to know what’s what and what is recent behavior.


attachment difficulties, inappropriate sexual stories and behaviors. Rec level 6. Has a father and step mother who are involved.


UPDATE 11.16.23 – Dragonfly is a potential placement.
Patient recently moved to Minnesota and was displaying sexualized behaviors at school (disrobing, touching herself, attempting to grope teachers, making sexualized comments) CPS was contacted and they were concerned Patient was being sexually abused at home. They were brought to our hospital in need of out of home placement after MCRC visit while dad is investigated. Carver County has temporary custody. Patient has history of developmental delay. No sexualized behaviors toward other kids, mostly with self, while playing with dolls and adults.
Having DX completed this week. County pursuing a variety of options


sexual behaviors, aggression, mostly stable but his history makes placement challenging.


Patient had a court hearing today and was ordered to present to the ED for psych evaluation. This past year, patient disclosed that he had sexually assaulted the 6-year-old daughter of his mother’s girlfriend. The state picked up the case and charged the patient. He was on probation for many months and then physically assaulted a family friend, unprovoked. Patient was then sent to Arrowhead Regional Center for their inpatient sexual offender program. Patient was unable to complete this program and sent to JDC, where he has been since July.
Patient’s mom states that he had suicidal ideation last year and was then sent to the hospital where he was admitted to inpatient. Patient has a significant history of trauma, physical and suspected sexual abuse.
Patient’s mom reports that psych. reports from JDC reported psychosis and signs of OCD and Autism. Report also states that patient has history of auditory hallucinations and paranoia.
Patient court ordered to remain in the ED until 10/17/23 court hearing.


He throws things, needs prompting for hygiene, hoards food, states porn soothes him, has some OCD traits.
He is not an appropriate fit for North Homes due to Sexual acting out. Not approved for a single room.

Still on inpatient unit as of 7/6/23.


15 year old male with a history of ASD, ADHD, trauma, and multiple prior psychiatric hospitalizations and residential placements. He was admitted to the hospital after becoming aggressive and self-injurious while at crisis stabilization home. Patient has a history of making significant threats of violence and has been repeatedly sexually inappropriate. He was removed from his home after having molested a younger cousin. Patient will, at times, express remorse for his behaviors while at other times appearing grandiose and narcissistic, with violence perpetrated in response to narcissistic injury.