Update 5/17/24: Patient discharged home to guardian with PHP in place. Still pursuing PRTF/level 6 RTC.

Update 5/15/24: PRTF funding approved. Patient accepted to Nexus East Bethel PRTF, tentative opening August-September. Referral sent to Bar None Haven level 6 RTC, referral is under review. Scheduled discharge home to PHP interim on 5/17
Update 5/9/254: PRTF funding approved. Patient accepted to Nexus East Bethel PRTF, tentative opening August-September. Referral sent to Bar None Haven level 6 RTC, referral is under review. Tentative discharge home to PHP interim on 5/15
Update 4/24/24: Patient has been accepted to Nexus East Bethel PRTF. Estimated availability for opening is August-September.
Update 4/4/24: Updated inpatient clinical has been sent to Nexus East Bethel PRTF for review. Nexus East Bethel PRTF did not get to pt’s review on 3/26/24 and is requesting inpatient psychiatrist and PRTF psychiatrist consult directly.
Update 3/21/24 Nexus East Bethel PRTF reviewing for acceptance on 3/26/24.

12-year-old female presenting to inpatient from the ED. This is her second psychiatric inpatient hospitalization.
Recommendation is PRTF. Patient has been approved for funding through MN AFMC PRTF team.
Referral has been sent to Nexus East Bethel PRTF and is under review.


Update 5/16/24: No new information from 5/8 update. Accepted at Bar None Haven, county funding approved. QI completed with recommendation for secure residential setting that is able to accommodate both chemical dependency and mental health treatment. County is inquiring to see if this can be accommodated at Bar None Haven or if they have to look into additional placement options. Medical recommendation is locked mental health RTC. Comprehensive assessment (rule 25) recommends Mental Health Residential. Accepted at Nexus East Bethel PRTF- opening midsummer.

Update 5/8/24: Accepted at Bar None Haven, county funding approved. QI completed with recommendation for secure residential setting that is able to accommodate both chemical dependency and mental health treatment. County is inquiring to see if this can be accommodated at Bar None Haven or if they have to look into additional placement options.
Update 5/01/24: Accepted at Bar None Haven, county funding approved. Missed admissions on 3/20 and 4/30 due to county wanting to complete QI process and having VPA signed in front of a judge before approving placement.

Update 4/25/24: Accepted at Bar None Haven, second opening is now 4/30 and county approved for placement, they are not approving transition on 4/30 wanting a judge to sign the VPA in court and wait the QI process.
Accepted to Nexus East Bethel PRTF, estimated wait list out until August-September.

Update 4/17/24: County funding approved, awaiting open placement at Bar None Haven, previously missed admission due to no funding. Pending acceptance decision at Nexus East Bethel PRTF.

Update 4/3/24: Pt has MA now. CMHCM in process of being assigned and requesting preplacement screening for funding. Denied from Grafton. On waitlist at Bar None Haven, missed admission due to no funding. Pending East Bethel.

Discharge Plan:
Level 6 RTC/PRTF-
Grafton (Referral submitted; Not in network with Prime west, can contract with MA MCO’s and obtain SCA, Denied 2.8.24, re-reviewed, denied)
Nexus East Bethel (Referral submitted; pt will need straight MA; several month waitlist, now has MA so re-reviewing, accepted, admission waitlist til mid-summer)
Bar None Haven (Referral submitted, Tentative admit 3/20-3/21, dependent on county funding, county declining JST screening, requested again, approved)
CMHCM at Beltrami County (Guardian currently in communication with the county, case manager was not being assigned until pt has CD treatment, requested reconsideration)

Notably, Previous services/interventions attempted: Dual Diagnosis IOP, Outpatient therapy, outpatient psychiatry, PCP, CMHCM, CTSS, CD RTCs, Inpatient x3, JDC, previous foster placements.

CMHCM at Beltrami County (Referral completed, services in intake)
Description: Patient is a 16-year-old Native American female who has a history of depression, anxiety, ADHD, nicotine use disorder, cannabis use disorder, and unspecified trauma. Patient experiences significant impairment(s) in the area(s) of social, emotional, and academical. Patient identifies current supports as her father, sisters, and grandmother. Patient has a history of inpatient psychiatric hospitalization through PrairieCare and Prairie St. Johns.


Patient presented to the ER with her mom for concerns of suicidal ideation though patient denies this. She has had several presentations to the ER due to aggressive behaviors and kicked out of group home for aggression towards peers and staff. She has been in and out of crisis centers and alternative housing verses being at home along with several inpatient hospitalizations.
**Full details of patient history is unknown to writer as I am not currently following her***


Patient presented to the ER via law enforcement for aggressive behaviors at shelter care resulting in property destruction. Patient is not able to return to the shelter and does not have any safe disposition options.


The patient is a 13 Y year-old male with a history of autism spectrum disorder, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, ADHD, and depression who presented to the ER on 4/5/24 via EMS from his residential facility for assessment of aggression and suicidal ideation. He has a long history of aggressive behaviors that per chart review worsened around October, 2023 and he has not been able to be safely maintained in his home since that time. He has had several extended hospitalizations and since he was admitted to residential on 2/5 has had 41 incident reports related to attempts to harm himself and aggression when staff attempt to intervene. He has had increasing dysregulation resulting in an increase in restraints, length of time in restraints, and the amount of staff it requires to calm him resulting in the inability to return to residential. Home is not an option at this time.


**Contact department: HCMC Acute Psychiatric Services (APS) 612-873-9300

13 y.o. male boarding in ED. Brought in by adoptive mother after running away from home 3 times. Multiple suspensions from school (including currently) for fighting. Mother unwilling to bring patient home. Physically assaulted mother after he was brought back home. Went to Uncle’s house and left via window. Has been making passive comments indicating suicidal ideation and not having any sense of danger- getting into cars with strangers. Significant increase in challenges since he began going through puberty about 6 months back.
Copied from ED note:

“Collateral from mother and family:
Foster mother took in his sister first, took him as well at 16 months old. States that when he first came to live with her he would eat out of the trash, and from bowls on the floor like a dog. Took several months to correct this. Patient was then returned to his paternal grandmother in chicago, but was only there for two months. Foster system asked mother to adopt him and keep him with his sister. Some school issues, briefly on IEP. Mother was kindergarten teacher.
In the past 6 months, since hitting puberty and undergoing a growth spurt, patients behaviors have been worsening. In Nov of 23 patient attempted to start a fire in his bedroom. He has been in a plethora of fights at school. Is currently suspended. Believes that everyone hates him. Since January he has been making comments to family about ending his life. Reportedly had knife in his room at one point. 3x running away from home. 1st time was not far and he came home quickly. 2nd he made his way from north Minneapolis to S St. Paul, and was with a complete stranger for approximately 9 hours. Family reports that patient refuses to speak about this time. Was acting strangely after he returned. 3rd was yesterday after he became angry and physically assaulted mother. Was found by police (allegedly engaging in burglary?) Was brought to uncles house per request of mother, as he had been quite belligerent with her earlier. Patient normally behaves well with uncles, but today he waited until he was unsupervised and climbed out of a ground floor window to run away again.”

Not appropriate for inpatient pediatric medical floor. Boarding in HCMC Emergency Department. HCMC Acute Psychiatric Services do not feel patient needs an inpatient psychiatric admission. Family and NEXXUS advocate not comfortable with discharge unless plan for significantly increased outpatient support. No formal diagnoses. Has been completely compliant and appropriately behaved since presenting to the ED 32+ hours prior.


Pt presents with behavioral escalations from out of home placement. Pt currently in hospital with no d/c plan at this time coordinated by county. Pt has a history of trauma and sexualized behaviors.


**For follow up please contact Stacy Stickney-Ferguson, HCMC pediatric social worker at 612-873-2259 or email

Brought in my EMS after being kicked out of the Bridge for Youth shelter- tripped over 4-foot fence and broke right ankle while eloping. Has been staying with friends. Grandmother is guardian and lives in North Carolina. Returned to MN in Foster Care in December of 2023. Has a case manager through Brown County, Denise Kamm (507-276-3411). Denise reports patient has run away from multiple group homes, foster homes, and shelters. Denise the CM saying she has exhausted resources, places, and shelters for this patient. Denise says trying to find a shelter but likely not going to be able.

Currently in the HCMC Emergency Department but is pending admission up to our pediatric floor for boarding until placement can be determined. Please see above contact information for follow up. Has a broken ankle that is splinted and in a stirrup brace, she will have crutches on discharge. No pertinent medical history noted. High elopement risk.


Patient presents to ED for behavior escalation from foster setting. Guardianship lies within county.


Behavioral issues, parent takes him on a leash when taking him out of the home. Physically and verbally aggressive to parent(s) and others (peers and staff). Throws items, pulls fire alarms, attempts to elope. Receives CTSS services and has demonstrated significant behaviors within those services. Had been in homebound school program, attempted re-entry into school setting and on first day back, damaged property and assaulted staff as well as directing violence towards peers, resulting in transfer to ER for placement. Treatment team questioning consistency of receiving medications appropriately in the home setting and are recommending residential treatment or a shelter bed until residential treatment can be secured.