Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: verbal agitation, suicidal ideation, threats to harm others, property destruction. Patient became upset at school, threw items, and ripped things off of the wall. Patient left school grounds, and police/ambulance were called. Patient has been living with her aunt for the past few months. Patient’s biological mother died when she was an infant, and was abused by a family member who obtained guardianship. Patient makes suicidal and homicidal threats often.
Patient was in the Fairview PHP program earlier this year. She was in the ED in May ’23. Patient no longer has a medication management provider. She has a county CPS worker and a newer case manager. Patient is currently in Equine Therapy 1x/week at Hold Your Horses.


history of running, trauma, generational trauma, emotional dysregulation. Rec CRTC level 6 – barrier to placement. Waiting on County for review and to change to another county agent.


Asked to leave shelter as she was being aggressive toward staff. Has history of being sex trafficked. Parents have open voluntary CPS involvement but maintain guardianship.


RAD. Aggression at home. Parents unable to accommodate needs at home so resident remains in ED. Hasn’t needed hospital since mid feb but parents unable to take her home. Accepted 3/15 to Community Living Options.


PTSD, Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder, Conduct Disorder, ADHD, ODD. Just got approval from HC for funding. Case mgr will start making calls. Doest present well on paper. Challenging behaviors – gets escalated and disreg. with peers. Is able to walk away. Threatens to hurt people but hasn’t yet. Remorseful about behavior. Learning about her dx. Fun kid, gets along with certain peers. Doesn’t work well with peers who have made statements about race. Ready to benefit from res. tx. and work with people 1 on 1. A lot of early childhood disruptions. Not sure why removed from bio mom – per aunt and gramma, she didn’t know how to be a parent. Aunt and gramma say that she has tried to kill them, threatens people, hard to know what’s what and what is recent behavior.


substance use, dysregulation, personality struggles and mania. Waiting for residential. Struggles with Substance dependance. ED. emotional disreg. Level 5 resid. being recommended. Accepted to VOA CRTC, 2-4 week wait. Discharging to home to wait for funding.


Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: self-harm. Patient has a history of self-harm, through primarily biting his arm, punching other things or scraping himself with a tack. Mom reported that today was the first time he self-harmed with a blade. Mom reporting increased aggression in the home and at school and feels that patient needs inpatient. Mom explained the patient is in a level 4 school setting. He recently did PHP at Prairie Care and was discharged after three days due to concerns about aggression and inappropriate sexual comments. Mom shared the patient has made comments about wanting to strangle others.
Mom explained that patient may already be on the waitlist for the Village Ranch residential treatment in Cokato. They are also exploring North Home in Bemidji. Mom reported that patient has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, PTSD and ASD. She also wonders about FASD due to his biological mothers, drug and alcohol use. Patient was adopted at age 7 by his adopted mom and adopted dad. Mom was his PCA in his last foster home for one year before adoption.


In protective custody of Goodhue County. Trauma hx, was at SERCC and became dysregulated. Virtual DA schedule for today.


Was living with grandparents, from crisis center, was in IOP at Prairie Care, showed up intoxicated, gramma fears for her life due to threats from granddaughter.


9/28: Youth still awaits placement to RTC.
9/19: Accepted to Nexus FACTS to assist with Placement Coordination.

9/14/23 UPDATE: Nexus YCT program looking into helping with this child.
Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: verbal agitation, physical aggression, significant behavioral change, abuse or neglect, anxiety, worsening psychosocial stress, suicidal ideation, depression. Patient was staying at a crisis residence after discharging from the ED on 9/1/23. Police were called due to patient becoming aggressive/violent, dysregulated and exhibiting SI/HI plans and threats. Staff at the crisis residence do not feel safe keeping patient at the home due to her violent outbursts, and fear for other residents’ safety.
Patient is a Hennepin County state ward. She has an extensive history of childhood trauma, including neglect, physical abuse, and suspected sexual abuse. She was also prenatally exposed to cocaine. Patient’s grandmother adopted her, who fled with the patient to a different state. Her grandmother’s rights were terminated, and patient has been living in foster care with her aunt since the end of June 2023. Prior to that, patient was living in a group home for approx. six months in Duluth, after completing residential treatment at Northwoods. She arrived to the ED on 08/09/23 following an episode of significant behavioral dysregulation involving throwing furniture down the stairs. She was subsequently admitted to 7ITC and discharged on 08/28/23, returning to the ED on 8/28, and discharging to crisis residence on 9/1. Has a CPS worker, who is her guardian, but no other services/case managers.