Primary Recommendation – RTC
-Nexus Gerard, accepted, admission 2/9 at 1000

Other RTC referrals:
-Avanti, declined
-North Homes, declined
-PrairieCare Residential, declined due to aggression
-Northwoods, referral made, declined for RTC

-Northwest Passages (Prairieview), county made referral, waitlist 2-4 months
-Lad Lake in Wisconsin, county made referral
-Youth Villages in Memphis; county made referral, reviewing
-Lava Heights in Utah; county made referral
-Falcon Ridge in Utah; county made referral
-Newport News in Virginia; county made referral
-Summit Oaks in South Dakota, county made referral, declined
-Provo Canyon in Utah; county made referral, declined
-Rogers, Hennepin County does not contract/won’t provide funding

Due to declines from QRTP, exploring PRTF options:
-Nexus East Bethel; referral made, not covered by insurance, potential to switch insurance, reviewing
-Northwoods; referral made, waitlist 2+ years

Bridge to RTC/PRTF; if warranted:
Establish CMHCM (Assigned to Kimberly Trembley through Hennepin County, 612-743-1549, waiting for QI approval for funding)
Establish PHP (SW to reschedule if/when appropriate)

Other Referrals Made:
Acadia Treatment Placement Specialists; referral made

Outpatient Recommendations:
Establish Individual Therapy
Establish Family Therapy
Continue PCP at Indian Health Board in Minneapolis


Presenting Problems: Experiencing school stressors, family dynamic changes, depression, mood lability, SI via ingestion.


14 year old with significant trauma history, ward of Olmsted, previously residing in kinship foster placement but repeatedly eloped. Refuses to participate in therapy as an outpatient. Verbally defiant at times but no significant aggression toward caregivers; can have reactive physical fights with peers at school but not unprovoked. County has guardianship since November 2022, but he does have actively involved aunt/uncle who will be the targets for permanency planning.