ADHD, adjustment disorder, anxiety, Developmental delay, ODD, aggression, sexualized behavior. FAmily was living in shelter. Disregulated episode- tried to strangle self, to ED for assessment. Initially rec for inpt, then decided he did’nt need inpt. Family leaving shelter soon, so not able to take him back at this time. Mom says addicted to porn. Became disregulated once but otherwise has been stable, no SI. Henn county won’t get involved- saying it’s not abandonment, doesn’t have a county case mgr. Some services thru Dakota county. Level 4 school setting. Looking into other shelters. Family thinks he needs tx. Referrals to nexus, Prairie Care, Henn County Peace offering made. Gap in services. 7/21 was at Prairie Care. Mom open to foster home, he doesn’t necessarily need residential. Mom isn’t visiting bec she is scared he will be sent home with her.
Previously attended IP MH at PC in July 2021, no current acute SI, safety concerns in hospital, pt and his family are homeless, got kicked out of shelter due to aggression, pt currently does not have any county supports. Patient’s family moved from St. Cloud. Due to pt’s age, history of aggression, and sexualized behavior (watching porn, taking photos of privates, exposing himself to siblings) mom has been unable to find a shelter that will accept them. referral for services was put in with Hennepin county. DC’d to home with mom.


This child is a ward of Steele County with Significant aggression and significant trauma. Mom died in 2019, Dad in group home for TBI. Suicidal/homicidal statements, thoughts. Tried to place with 19 yo sibling which lasted for a month, but brother doesn’t think he can keep him safe any longer. Came from SERCC to Mayo ED when he escalated to a point that they couldn’t care for him. He has been doing OK since he got there but has had a few instances of escalating to the point of needing to be restrained with holds and sedation. Struggles with conspiracy theories, as his mom died of a septic kidney infection, but he believes that her boyfriend poisoned her. He is fearful of being poisoned; he won’t sleep without someone watching over him. Not safe for a group home at this point.


In protective custody of Goodhue County. Trauma hx, was at SERCC and became dysregulated. Virtual DA schedule for today.


Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: physical aggression. Patient became escalated at home, following his PCA staff leaving for the night. Details on the escalation are unclear at this time. Patient is diagnosed with Autism with little to no verbalization. Patient has a case manager, PCA support for before and after school until 8 pm, and on weekends from 8 am – 8 pm. Patient has a history of biting himself, scratching himself, and aggressive behaviors towards others. Patient historically escalates before/after school, and after his PCA staff leave for the night. Patient has been to the ED 19 times in 2023, due to aggression/symptoms of ASD.


a history of diagnoses of PTSD, Conduct Disorder, Alcohol and Cannabis Use disorders, and unspecified mood disorder. Her social and developmental history is notable for recurrent physical abuse by mother and mother’s romatic partners leading to termination of parental rights 6/21/22, alleged sexual assault, first JDC placement at age 12, and recurrent residential placements through juvenile justice over the last few years. Comes after a violent episode at a foster home; she is unable to return.


Patient presents to the emergency department for the 4th time in 12 days. Patient was discharged from the hospital, went home with his mother, and got into a verbal argument in the car. Patient reports his mother kicked him out of the house, so he went to school. Patient arrived at school and was told that he was not allowed to be there due to historical violent threats against other students, so school staff called police. Patient has recently engaged in property damage at his home and made homicidal threats towards his step-father.
Patient’s father is incarcerated for murder. Patient’s mother has history of childhood sexual trafficking. Patient has ongoing parent-child conflict. Patient has no history of inpatient mental health admission or intensive outpatient treatment. Patient is involved in a youth runaway program. Patient has a school social worker. Patient has established medication management.
Patient’s mother is refusing to pick patient up due to homicidal threats towards family.


Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: physical aggression, abuse or neglect, worsening psychosocial stress. Patient has been with his foster family for a week. He has been displaying sexualized behaviors, aggressive behaviors like throwing furniture, hitting, trying to light paper towels on fire on the stove top, sharing that he wants to die and self-injure. Patient was in a previous foster home and prior to that he was with his Grandma. Per foster mom, there was “interfamily torture” and the kids were sexually abused. Patient demonstrates inappropriate sexualized behaviors


He throws things, needs prompting for hygiene, hoards food, states porn soothes him, has some OCD traits.
He is not an appropriate fit for North Homes due to Sexual acting out. Not approved for a single room.

Still on inpatient unit as of 7/6/23.


Pt is presented to the ED via EMS after increased verbal and physical threats towards his family. Patient attempted to burn a locked door down with his mom and sister behind it. Patient’s mother called the police, and patient threatened to jump off of the balcony. Patient has a diagnosis of ASD and ADHD.
Patient was hospitalized and in outpatient program about 4 years ago. Per patient’s mother, the patient had been receiving wrap around treatment until he was discharged 4 months ago, when the patient brought a knife to therapy and threatened his therapist with said knife. The patient has been declined for all services by Prairie Care. Patient was assessed by Fairview recently and planned to start day treatment, but he refused to get in the car to go to therapy.
Patient has shown increasing aggression since about October 2022 when he decided he no longer wanted to have a relationship with his father.


Patient is a ward of the State of MN, she has been unsuccessful in foster care placements the past 3 years. She attends a Level 4 school, Reach Academy. Patient in need of higher level of care, group home.
Patient discharged to kinship foster care 6/15/23 while Legal Guardian/Social Worker is still pursuing group home placement. Namia House, Willow Trails.