11 year old presented to the ER for concerns of running away, recent sexual perpetration to 6 year old brother, and homicidal ideation towards current guardian who was released from residential treatment in the last 2 weeks after a 5 month admission. Active CPS investigation over the last 1.5 years and is unable to return to her mother’s care and was staying with her grandmother who she is threatening to stab to death if she returns. We are awaiting CPS recommendations.


Patient with a past history of RAD, PTSD, ODD and questionable FASD that presented to the ER with foster parents of 4.5 months for concerns of aggression, suicidal ideation, and sexually inappropriate behaviors towards others and pets. He has been in several foster/kinship homes since age 5 with significant trauma prior to this including witnessing mom overdosing on several occasions, witnessing the overdose and death of housemate, sexual abuse by bio father, homelessness, sister attempting to suffocate and strangle him on multiple occasions, and physical abuse by caretakers. He was recently found on video touching the house dog sexually and physically inappropriate and has been threatening and pushing his foster mom. 3 recent episodes of aggression. Foster providers are unable to accept him back in their home.


This patient presented to Ridgeview Medical Center via P.D. after running from his home. He was found in the woods nearby his home with a knife (patient has an ankle monitoring device). Patient reportedly desires out-of-home placement and verbalized plans to use the knife to harm kids who bully him at school. Patient has a significant history of running away from home with more than 30 reported incidents. Patient maintains a desire not to return home at this time. Carver Co. holds temporary decision making authority over patient, by court order.


Pt presents with behavioral escalations from out of home placement. Pt currently in hospital with no d/c plan at this time coordinated by county. Pt has a history of trauma and sexualized behaviors.


Update: 1/19/24 Pt. still looking for placement.

15-year-old male looking for a group home and residential program. Children’s Mental Health Case Manager has tried everything, and doors are being shut. Client has a physical aggression, verbal aggression, history of PTSD and sexual abuse. Client has experienced abuse from biological father who is in still in the home, and sexual assault that happened possibility of more than one with an older cousin sister. Client mother is giving up on hope on trying to help her child. Client is struggling at home, school, and community. Children’s Mental Health Case Manager has been trying everything to find a placement for him. He’s been going in and out of the ER like every two months now. Children’s Mental Health Case Manager still trying to offer support the way she can by being there every hospital stay, seeing client like twice a month, and having mom keep her on speed dial to talk to client.

Because of experiences, client is chemical dependent on marijuana, perks, and opioids.


Patient presented to ED due to concerns of sexual abuse. Patient has extensive history of eloping from home to meet up with adult men she met online and have sex with them. Mom does not feel she can keep her safe at home due to her risky behaviors.


This child was previously on the HUB as MCR-F13-2165.

Returned 3/21/23 to Mayo ED after discharging to home on 1/9/23. Was at SERCC, brought to ED for ingestion of metallic items there. Had been in ED > 24hrs now admitted to inpatient unit to monitor his GI. Was in Fernbrook Day treatment. Transitioning to male. ED more related to PICA ingesting nonfood items regularly – batteries, tacks, chargers, etc. 1:1 support for keeping from self-harm. is at home with mom when not in day treatment program. Needs more than day tx support, needs 24 hr. Concern for medication mgt. Absence of psychiatric support. Has been in Prairie Care twice summer 2022 – dc’d for noncompliance. He describes a strong compulsion for ingesting things. He doesn’t claim it to be self harm. when he goes to Mayo, he claims that its a suicidal attempt. Was at Gerard in May and struggled, then inpatient at Children’s in summer. Then came back to Fernbrook. over 30 presentations to ED at Mayo and Metro for self-harm and ingestion. Some are SI. Ingested batteries, screws, chargers, needing med tx/attn. Spent 12 days at Gerard in May, 3 ingestions and elopements while there, they had to dc him as couldnt meet his needs. Just gotten a CADII waiver to help mom supervise at home. Case conf. yesterday – the hope would be that he could be in a residential settings with the understanding that he will ingest things. Licensure issues. He has been declined as he fits everyone’s exclusion criteria. When he is out of crisis, he’s lovely. bright, intelligent.

Seeking ideas for other options for keeping him safe. Consider Gerard? Prairie Care? (have both turned him down). Jennifer Butler working on this case. suggestions to mitigating risk? clear all things from units, reintroducing slowly when able. Mayo has been able to mitigate risk with using paper crafts, crayons, etc. Haven’t had an ingestion for a few months – has a sitter a Mayo though as he’s on a medical unit. Functional behavior analysis? Hasn’t had one, due to instability. Hopefully he will have one soon. *** Discharged to home on 4/3/23 with 24/7 PCS care.


This child has been on the HUB previously as MCR-10-283.

Patient was admitted to Prairie Care Residential on 11/8/22 but was transferred to Prairie Care’s inpatient psychiatric hospital on 11/10/22 due to aggression. Patient remains on the Northwoods Residential wait list. There will be additional residential treatment waitlist’s the patient can be added to, once they turned 11 on 1/16/23. Patient remained psychiatrically hospitalized at Prairie Care until she was discharged on 1/5/23 with the recommendation of returning to community-based treatment. Adopted but adoptive parents surrendered her to Goodhue County.


First episode psychosis. Admission to HCMC 12/26/22. Exception made to accept a minor patient to HCMC Adult Psych Unit 1/6/23 – 1/16/23 in effort to get patient out of restraints, medication regimen and agreement to return to Peds Unit. Returned to Peds Unit 1/16/23 and remains here. Efforts to transfer to Adolesent Acute Pysch unsuccessful due to no capacity and/or patient declined. Update: 1/24/23. Continues to be medically cleared, awaiting placement. Awaiting Hennepin County MH Casemanager to be assigned. Consider referral to PRTS, concern for long waitlists. Concern if we continue to board patient on Peds Floor where he is not getting the mental health care he needs, he is at risk for decompensation. Patient has a Continuance Agreement through District Court Probate/Mental Health Division for six months from 1/17/23. grandmother is open to having him return home with a structured program during the day.


Substance use history, family signed out from treatment program and has been on the run for the past 6 months after mom signed her out of facility in Brainerd. History of abuse from grandfather whom she was staying with. Leech Lake custody. Drinking since age 9. MH primary dx.