Came after being found in the street by a passerby who administered Narcan. Was incoherent, EMS brought her in to HCMC ED. Long history of trauma. Sexually abused in preschool by her father, who is incarcerated currently. Has been vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Her engagement with anyone in the community is a pathway to a friendship. Dakota County financial responsibility. Working with DaK. case mgr. Had an incident at school (interaction with the principal and had some sort of physical contact with him, charged with assault), so now has a probation officer. No aggression noted at hospital. Wonderful family support. Had been living with aunt. Will just walk out and engage with strangers who do not have her best interest in mind. When DA is complete will be looking for placement for her. community placement. Has been at CRTC and VOA. Working on getting all the info to understand her full picture. DRug screen was negative. Unsure if chemical abuse is dependent? She will use substances if someone offers it to her, socially.


Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: physical aggression. Patient has prior diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, Intellectual Disability, and Mood Disorder. Patient has prior presentations for behavioral issues and outbursts at United, Mercy, and Abbott. Patient lives with his mother and 5 other siblings. Patient and his family were outside, when he says his sister started mocking him. Patient hit his sister twice, and then his brother. Patient then came up behind his mother, as if to hit her, and his brother stepped in. Patient’s mother is refusing to pick him up.
Patient’s family is moving this week, and he does not want to move.


History of PTSD, RAD, ODD, mood issues, adopted at age 6, multiple foster placements prior. Struggling for many years, 4 suicide attempts fall 2021, placed in a shelter in St Paul and targeted by a sex trafficker and eloped for 2 weeks, repeatedly assaulted, given drugs. Admitted to SEY program at Heartland Girls Ranch March 2022, unsuccessfully discharged October 2022 after assaulting a peer. Receiving school-based CD services through ALC, but no mental health services. Case manager working on residential but no success. Admitted to hospital 1/23/23 after massive OD triggered by breakup. Medically cleared 1/27, declined by all inpatient psych because of assault history. Suicidality has resolved, no behavioral issues. She eloped from the peds floor on 3/16/23 and had to be brought back to the ED by law enforcement. Hospitalization not recommended; county looking at outside placement options.


Patient is presented to the ED by EMS from an RTC facility. Patient assaulted another resident and staff members, and attempted to elope from the facility. Patient is under guardianship of Martin County, and is considered a vulnerable adult. Patient has a significant history of abuse, and suicidal ideation. Patient is supposed to follow a low sugar and fat diet due to pancreatitis.