attempted strangulation with the dog leash. HX of MDD, PTSD, ADHD & anxiety.


Emotional dysregulation, high emotional reactivity in the home. Transgender. Housing insecure – soon to be evicted. Been in hospital 3 times this year. Recommend residential treatment. Meeting with mom today 12/22/22. Qualified person process can take up to 30 days.


history of running, trauma, generational trauma, emotional dysregulation. Rec CRTC level 6 – barrier to placement. Waiting on County for review and to change to another county agent.


RAD. Aggression at home. Parents unable to accommodate needs at home so resident remains in ED. Hasn’t needed hospital since mid feb but parents unable to take her home. Accepted 3/15 to Community Living Options.


PTSD, Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder, Conduct Disorder, ADHD, ODD. Just got approval from HC for funding. Case mgr will start making calls. Doest present well on paper. Challenging behaviors – gets escalated and disreg. with peers. Is able to walk away. Threatens to hurt people but hasn’t yet. Remorseful about behavior. Learning about her dx. Fun kid, gets along with certain peers. Doesn’t work well with peers who have made statements about race. Ready to benefit from res. tx. and work with people 1 on 1. A lot of early childhood disruptions. Not sure why removed from bio mom – per aunt and gramma, she didn’t know how to be a parent. Aunt and gramma say that she has tried to kill them, threatens people, hard to know what’s what and what is recent behavior.


attachment difficulties, parent child difficulties, working towards either RTC or group home. Working w/ county – denied from most residentials due to IQ. Looking at group home placement. Home is disruptive. Attachment difficulties.


A 16-year-old female with a history of mood disorder, borderline personality disorder, PTSD who presented to ED with suicidal ideation, threatening behaviors towards her family, and altered mental status. She also struggles with low frustration tolerance, severe emotional dysregulation, and a lack of coping skills. She is currently awaiting inpatient placement.


UPDATE 8/24/23 – remains at Abbott Northwestern.

ASD, lower functioning, home bound schooling, aggression towards family and staff. On wait list for MCCP crisis bed, out of state referrals being looked at. As of 4/11/23, still waiting on placement. got the waiver for group home, but no providers available.



Patient is a 14-year-old female with history of depression, anxiety, SI, SIB, trauma and aggressive behaviors. Has participated in PHP, RTC, and inpatient levels of care. Insured by Medicaid.

Primary Recommendation-
Establish Day Treatment (Patient currently refuses)
Continue CMHCM- Family Wise Services, contracted by Hennepin County
Establish outpatient individual therapy (CM is scheduling)
Establish med management (CM is scheduling)

Discharge has been attempted. Mother/LG will not accept patient back into the home. Patient was living at Passageways Shelter prior to admission and mother/LG consents for shelter placement at discharge. Patient’s aunt/uncle had agreed to take patient in with consent from LG, but aunt declined to pick patient up on day of scheduled discharge and rescinded the offer to accept patient.

Patient needs shelter placement due to family dynamics, thus the following are pursued-
Consider The Bridge for Youth (Denied d/t reported severity of aggression towards mother)
Consider Passageways (Denied again as of 8/16/23)
Consider Brittany’s Place (Denied d/t parent is still LG and would need to complete VPA)
Consider Hope House (No current availability, call back once per week to check)
Consider Itaskin Center Shelter (Referral sent by SW, additional referral needed by CMHCM)
Consider VOA Bar None Shelter (Referral sent by SW, additional referral needed by CMHCM)
Consider Ain Dah Yung Center (Referral sent by CMHCM, no current availability)

Consider RTC, as previously recommended by CMHCM prior to admission*-
Nexus-Gerard (Referral started by CMHCM, clinical sent by SW, awaiting records from CRTC for determination)
CRTC (Referral started by CMHCM, clinical sent by SW, declined for admission due to IQ)

*QRTP Pre Placement Screening with Hennepin County needed to approve funding for QRTP.

Estimated length of stay:
Patient is medically ready for discharge as of 7/18/23