2/29/24: Still inpatient. Children’s Mental Health Case Mgr assigned this week.
Update 2/8/24: Still in inpatient. Denied from Northwoods, Gerard, PrairieCare due to aggression and age. Denied from group homes as well. Exploring 2 family member possibilities. Trying to get a Case manager assigned. Anoka non secure 45-day assessment program could include a psycho-sexual assessment (? age requirements?).

Patient presented to the ED by mother’s boyfriend due to concerns of sexual abuse. History of physical and sexual abuse and recently has been perpetrating on his younger siblings and having increased behavioral concerns and aggression. Placed on a welfare hold for placement, court ordered to out of home placement. Has been denied by 7 foster homes, no shelters accepting patients his age. CPS currently has custody.


This patient presented to Ridgeview Medical Center via P.D. after running from his home. He was found in the woods nearby his home with a knife (patient has an ankle monitoring device). Patient reportedly desires out-of-home placement and verbalized plans to use the knife to harm kids who bully him at school. Patient has a significant history of running away from home with more than 30 reported incidents. Patient maintains a desire not to return home at this time. Carver Co. holds temporary decision making authority over patient, by court order.


Pt presents with behavioral escalations from out of home placement. Pt currently in hospital with no d/c plan at this time coordinated by county. Pt has a history of trauma and sexualized behaviors.


Update 2/22/224- Admission to Grafton tentatively scheduled 2/28/24, can discharge interim pending availability.
Update 2/15/24- waiting admission to Grafton end of Feb- date pending- can discharge home interim, pending availability.
Pt is medically cleared for discharge- parents informed county they need to pursue crisis respite for patient.

Discharge Plan:
Residential treatment referrals-
Grafton PRTF (Accepted, next opening tentative end of February)
Northwood Children’s (Referral not sent d/t insurance)
Nexus-East Bethel (Denied d/t not in 6th grade)
Nexus-Gerard (Denied d/t functioning for programming)
Avanti Center (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age)
VOA-Bar None (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age)
Heartland Girls’ Ranch (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age)
Nexus-Mille Lacs (Referral not sent d/t male only programming)
North Homes (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age)
Newport Academy (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age and insurance)
PrairieCare Residential (Referral not sent d/t insurance)
Village Ranch (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age)
Northwest Passage (Referral not sent d/t patient’s age)
Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch (Referral not sent d/t not ND resident)
Rogers Behavioral Health (Referral not sent d/t insurance)

Plan to bridge until residential availability:
Cradle of Love (Accepted, pending county funding)
Northwood Children’s Shelter (CM placing referral)
Kindred Care (CM placing referral)
MCCP Crisis Respite (CADI CM placing referral)
Trauma focused/attachment therapy (Referrals to be placed by CM)

Continue with established outpatient providers:
Ramsey County CADI- (Shakir Consulting Services)
Ramsey County CMHCM- B
PCP- (Entira Vadnais Heights)
OT- Fairview
CTSS- (Nystrom & Associates)
PCA/companion care 3x/week


**For follow up please contact Stacy Stickney-Ferguson, HCMC pediatric social worker at 612-873-2259 or email

Brought in my EMS after being kicked out of the Bridge for Youth shelter- tripped over 4-foot fence and broke right ankle while eloping. Has been staying with friends. Grandmother is guardian and lives in North Carolina. Returned to MN in Foster Care in December of 2023. Has a case manager through Brown County, Denise Kamm (507-276-3411). Denise reports patient has run away from multiple group homes, foster homes, and shelters. Denise the CM saying she has exhausted resources, places, and shelters for this patient. Denise says trying to find a shelter but likely not going to be able.

Currently in the HCMC Emergency Department but is pending admission up to our pediatric floor for boarding until placement can be determined. Please see above contact information for follow up. Has a broken ankle that is splinted and in a stirrup brace, she will have crutches on discharge. No pertinent medical history noted. High elopement risk.


This child has a history of chaotic/unstable social/living situation. There is a long history of CPS involvement including being removed from his home living environment. There has historically been concerns for medical neglect (mother refusing to consent to treatment/medications, poor/lack of outpatient follow-up) and physical abuse. In recent months he has spent time between living with his mother in Minnesota and his father in North Dakota (parents are divorced). Parental rights were recently terminated and as of ~1 week ago is now under the legal guardianship of Hennepin/County/Sarah Conway (he was reportedly recently physically assaulted by mother). There is a history of trauma with maladaptive coping including chronic suicidal ideation with significant history of self-injury and/or suicidal threats. There is also a history of endorsing auditory command hallucinations of a male or female voice telling him to harm/kill himself. It has previously been noted that he copes with stress/frustration/emotion by acting out/harming self and running away.

Patient is not recommended for inpatient mental health and needs support in establishing safe placement in the community.


Presented after a sexual assault. She has a known history of depression and PTSD, polysubstance use and prior sexual assaults, trafficking and pelvic inflammatory disease.


1/18/24. No placement at this time. Waiting for a waiver to open up more funding sources. Denied at respite/shelter due to behaviors

Patient presented from Aspen House shelter due to aggressive behavior and property destruction. Patient is unable to return to shelter. Mother refusing to discharge home. County looking into shelter options and foster care placement


Patient presented to the ER after 3 other ER visits from outside ER for physical concerns that were determined to be panic symptoms verses a physical abnormality. Patient has a chronic history of mood and behavioral dysregulation, self-harm, multiple suicide attempts, truancy, and parent child relationship difficulties. She has a history of trauma in the form of witnessing domestic abuse, physical abuse, possible sexual abuse, and the death of her dad due to an OD 4-5 years ago. She has had 2 inpatient hospitalizations along with 2 PHP admissions with little benefit and participation. Mom struggles with following through on recommendations and struggles with alcohol/substance use. A child protection report was filed last year and she moved in to her neighbors though this is no longer an option. She denies any passive or active suicide ideation, plan, or intent. Inpatient hospitalization is not recommended. Mom is not willing to bring her back home at this time due to disruption in the home.


Update 1/15/24- potential admission to Ain Duh Yung Center today.

Patient presented via EMS after running away from emergency foster placement. Foster home is not willing to take her back. The patient is polite and calm though guarded and provides minimal information. She was seen by psych on arrival to the ER with recommendations to return to foster placement. She was removed from her biological parent’s home at age 3 and has been in foster home placements since. We have received minimal information about her history from legal guardian though previous foster provider noted that she was found with cigarettes, pipe, and a needle in her possession recently.