**Contact department: HCMC Acute Psychiatric Services (APS) 612-873-9300

13 y.o. male boarding in ED. Brought in by adoptive mother after running away from home 3 times. Multiple suspensions from school (including currently) for fighting. Mother unwilling to bring patient home. Physically assaulted mother after he was brought back home. Went to Uncle’s house and left via window. Has been making passive comments indicating suicidal ideation and not having any sense of danger- getting into cars with strangers. Significant increase in challenges since he began going through puberty about 6 months back.
Copied from ED note:

“Collateral from mother and family:
Foster mother took in his sister first, took him as well at 16 months old. States that when he first came to live with her he would eat out of the trash, and from bowls on the floor like a dog. Took several months to correct this. Patient was then returned to his paternal grandmother in chicago, but was only there for two months. Foster system asked mother to adopt him and keep him with his sister. Some school issues, briefly on IEP. Mother was kindergarten teacher.
In the past 6 months, since hitting puberty and undergoing a growth spurt, patients behaviors have been worsening. In Nov of 23 patient attempted to start a fire in his bedroom. He has been in a plethora of fights at school. Is currently suspended. Believes that everyone hates him. Since January he has been making comments to family about ending his life. Reportedly had knife in his room at one point. 3x running away from home. 1st time was not far and he came home quickly. 2nd he made his way from north Minneapolis to S St. Paul, and was with a complete stranger for approximately 9 hours. Family reports that patient refuses to speak about this time. Was acting strangely after he returned. 3rd was yesterday after he became angry and physically assaulted mother. Was found by police (allegedly engaging in burglary?) Was brought to uncles house per request of mother, as he had been quite belligerent with her earlier. Patient normally behaves well with uncles, but today he waited until he was unsupervised and climbed out of a ground floor window to run away again.”

Not appropriate for inpatient pediatric medical floor. Boarding in HCMC Emergency Department. HCMC Acute Psychiatric Services do not feel patient needs an inpatient psychiatric admission. Family and NEXXUS advocate not comfortable with discharge unless plan for significantly increased outpatient support. No formal diagnoses. Has been completely compliant and appropriately behaved since presenting to the ED 32+ hours prior.


Update: 1/19/24 Pt. still looking for placement.

15-year-old male looking for a group home and residential program. Children’s Mental Health Case Manager has tried everything, and doors are being shut. Client has a physical aggression, verbal aggression, history of PTSD and sexual abuse. Client has experienced abuse from biological father who is in still in the home, and sexual assault that happened possibility of more than one with an older cousin sister. Client mother is giving up on hope on trying to help her child. Client is struggling at home, school, and community. Children’s Mental Health Case Manager has been trying everything to find a placement for him. He’s been going in and out of the ER like every two months now. Children’s Mental Health Case Manager still trying to offer support the way she can by being there every hospital stay, seeing client like twice a month, and having mom keep her on speed dial to talk to client.

Because of experiences, client is chemical dependent on marijuana, perks, and opioids.


Patient presented from home due to dysregulated behaviors which are chronic for patient. Is recommended with continued outpatient follow up however mother unwilling to accept home at this time.


Arrived to ED due to dysregulation at home, which is baseline. Patient’s mother does not feel safe with patient coming home without more intensive outpatient services in place. County not supporting residential at this time, reports need for PHP/day treatment.


Autism spectrum disorder and ODD, mother struggling with her own mental health issues and just started a day program. Multiple ED and SERCC presentations for physical aggression at home, typically triggered by conflict with mom. Completed PrairieCare PHP in September/October. SERCC declining due to lack of benefit and property destruction, Von Wald shelter has him on a wait list but no anticipated discharges. Only recently opened YBH case so in process of having worker assigned, no options for out of home placement. On wait list to start day treatment, perhaps week of 2/13, but he and mom can’t tolerate being in the same room together without escalating to yelling and throwing things. When not with mom, he is calm and engaged in crafts all day long. Care conference with mom and YBH intake 1/24 and 1/27 with a planned discharge 1/30 but mom refusing to take him home because of her concerns about his escalation in her care even in the hospital. Olmsted County CPS has screened out and does not have resources to offer.


Was at SERCC, brought to ED for ingestion of metallic items there. Had been in ED > 24hrs now admitted to inpatient unit to monitor his GI. Was in Fernbrook Day treatment. Transitioning to male. ED more related to PICA ingesting nonfood items regularly – batteries, tacks, chargers, etc. 1:1 support for keeping from self-harm. is at home with mom when not in day treatment program. Needs more than day tx support, needs 24 hr. Concern for medication mgt. Absence of psychiatric support. Has been in Prairie Care twice summer 2022 – dc’d for noncompliance. He describes a strong compulsion for ingesting things. He doesn’t claim it to be self-harm. when he goes to Mayo, he claims that it’s a suicidal attempt. Was at Gerard in May and struggled, then inpatient at Children’s in summer. Then came back to Fernbrook. over 30 presentations to ED at Mayo and Metro for self-harm and ingestion. Some are SI. Ingested batteries, screws, chargers, needing med tx/attn. Spent 12 ays at Gerard in May, 3 ingestions and elopements while there, they had to dc him as couldn’t meet his needs. Just gotten a CADII waiver to help mom supervise at home. Case conf. yesterday – the hope would be that he could be in a residential settings with the understanding that he will ingest things. Licensure issues. He has been declined as he fits everyone’s exclusion criteria. When he is out of crisis, he’s lovely. bright, intelligent.



Patient is a 14-year-old female with history of depression, anxiety, SI, SIB, trauma and aggressive behaviors. Has participated in PHP, RTC, and inpatient levels of care. Insured by Medicaid.

Primary Recommendation-
Establish Day Treatment (Patient currently refuses)
Continue CMHCM- Family Wise Services, contracted by Hennepin County
Establish outpatient individual therapy (CM is scheduling)
Establish med management (CM is scheduling)

Discharge has been attempted. Mother/LG will not accept patient back into the home. Patient was living at Passageways Shelter prior to admission and mother/LG consents for shelter placement at discharge. Patient’s aunt/uncle had agreed to take patient in with consent from LG, but aunt declined to pick patient up on day of scheduled discharge and rescinded the offer to accept patient.

Patient needs shelter placement due to family dynamics, thus the following are pursued-
Consider The Bridge for Youth (Denied d/t reported severity of aggression towards mother)
Consider Passageways (Denied again as of 8/16/23)
Consider Brittany’s Place (Denied d/t parent is still LG and would need to complete VPA)
Consider Hope House (No current availability, call back once per week to check)
Consider Itaskin Center Shelter (Referral sent by SW, additional referral needed by CMHCM)
Consider VOA Bar None Shelter (Referral sent by SW, additional referral needed by CMHCM)
Consider Ain Dah Yung Center (Referral sent by CMHCM, no current availability)

Consider RTC, as previously recommended by CMHCM prior to admission*-
Nexus-Gerard (Referral started by CMHCM, clinical sent by SW, awaiting records from CRTC for determination)
CRTC (Referral started by CMHCM, clinical sent by SW, declined for admission due to IQ)

*QRTP Pre Placement Screening with Hennepin County needed to approve funding for QRTP.

Estimated length of stay:
Patient is medically ready for discharge as of 7/18/23


Pt presents to the ED via EMS for the following concerns: aggression. Pt was refusing to take her medication, and became aggressive with her parents when they tried to make her. Parents called 911 due to pt becoming aggressive with them, and punching holes in the walls. Medical records indicate mental health diagnosis of Unspecified disruptive impulse control and conduct disorder, major depressive d/o, unspecified anxiety and binge eating d/o. Pt has a rule out diagnosis of autism spectrum d/ and other neurodevelopmental disorder. Pt has a hx of mental health admissions as follow: 3/12 – 3/17/2023. Pt had frequent visits to the ED due to behavioral and emotional dysregulation at home as follow 3/20 – 3/21/2023, 3/22-3/31/2023, 04/02 – 04/03, 04/07-04/11/2023, 04/18/23, and 4/19- 04/20/2023.