Presented from foster care home after making threats to shoot foster parents and himself. History of PTSD, RAD, IQ of 62. Ongoing aggressive behaviors and impulsivity in the home. Foster parents do not feel safe with patient returning home and is in need of new long term placement. CM has explored Dragonfly, Newport academy, RSI, Genesis, Meridian, Beacon, Twin Ports, Pine City crisis, Northstar community respite. CM/guardian allowed our team to make Nexus YCT referral so intake with them for placement coordination is 4/17.


Update: Has been accepted to out of state placement in MA however struggling with arranging secure transportation- not a County paid placement as family is guardian. Also moved to IP unit at hospital 4/13 to board there until placement.

Patient presented from guardians home due to aggressive behaviors and agitation. Patient has a history of autism and developmental delays. Guardian does not feel she can care for her any longer at home and feels she needs out of home placement. Has historically been in crisis respite placements and done well in these until guardian brings home, where behaviors will escalate.


Update: Has been accepted at CABHH but discharge there has been delayed due to pts not discharging from their facility.

Pt was at North Homes, then was in Fairview’s inpatient unit for 35 days. Was going to return to North Homes from there, in transport there on 3/27 pt attempted to overdose on pills stating he didn’t want to go back to North Homes and was brought back to Fairview ED where he is currently boarding. Prior to being at North Homes he was at CABHH. County team have referred to Nexus Mille Lacs- long wait and Passageways. Hospital referred to Nexus YCT.


Update 4/15/24: Still on the Empath unit and continues to do well. MN Choice Assessment completed last week. Referral made to ChildServe in Iowa.
Update 3/21/24: Still on Empath unit, doing well. Stearns county has guardianship, still working on CADI waiver. Referral made to Dragonfly.
Update:3/7/24: On Empath unit, used for assessments and stabilization. 48 hour stay. Doesn’t need hospital. Needs to be assigned a social worker. On a chips hold. Going to need a CADI waiver.
Patient is diagnosed with Soto’s syndrome and is non-verbal with significant developmental delay and suspected cognitive functioning of a toddler. Dad dropped her off at the ER with reports that he is not willing to bring her back home as he and mom are aging and are unable to manage her any longer as they have other disabled children in the home and mom has health issues. Patient has a chronic history of slapping herself, biting herself and others, and pulling hair. Patient is incontinent of bowel and bladder and requires significant assistance with ADL’s including toileting, bathing, dressing, and eating. Family currently has no supportive services in place with the exception of psychiatry. CPS report was filed with court scheduled Monday morning. Not aggressive or violent since in ER. Compliant. 1:1 since she’s on an adult unit.


Pt came to ED after ongoing behavioral concerns at home with guardian/grandmother, physical and verbal aggression, and threats. Previously discharged from CADI GH for physical aggression, went to JDC for that but was released after a rule 20. Declined by North Homes, Northwoods, and CABHH. A CADI home in Duluth that may be an option.


Came to ED 4/5 after some property destruction at family home. Previously in FV’s PHP program. Mom refusing to pick up and refusing family first services in home. CPS recently became involved and CMH and hospital waiting for direction from them on what potential placements can be pursued. Has not been in OOHP previously.


Patient presented from North Homes due to suicidal ideation and aggressive behaviors. Patient was initially recommended for IPMH however stabilized in ED and no longer required admission. Patient has been discharged from North Homes and is in need of long-term placement as she cannot return to guardian’s home. Case manager will be working on referrals for RTC and out of home placements.


**Contact department: HCMC Acute Psychiatric Services (APS) 612-873-9300

13 y.o. male boarding in ED. Brought in by adoptive mother after running away from home 3 times. Multiple suspensions from school (including currently) for fighting. Mother unwilling to bring patient home. Physically assaulted mother after he was brought back home. Went to Uncle’s house and left via window. Has been making passive comments indicating suicidal ideation and not having any sense of danger- getting into cars with strangers. Significant increase in challenges since he began going through puberty about 6 months back.
Copied from ED note:

“Collateral from mother and family:
Foster mother took in his sister first, took him as well at 16 months old. States that when he first came to live with her he would eat out of the trash, and from bowls on the floor like a dog. Took several months to correct this. Patient was then returned to his paternal grandmother in chicago, but was only there for two months. Foster system asked mother to adopt him and keep him with his sister. Some school issues, briefly on IEP. Mother was kindergarten teacher.
In the past 6 months, since hitting puberty and undergoing a growth spurt, patients behaviors have been worsening. In Nov of 23 patient attempted to start a fire in his bedroom. He has been in a plethora of fights at school. Is currently suspended. Believes that everyone hates him. Since January he has been making comments to family about ending his life. Reportedly had knife in his room at one point. 3x running away from home. 1st time was not far and he came home quickly. 2nd he made his way from north Minneapolis to S St. Paul, and was with a complete stranger for approximately 9 hours. Family reports that patient refuses to speak about this time. Was acting strangely after he returned. 3rd was yesterday after he became angry and physically assaulted mother. Was found by police (allegedly engaging in burglary?) Was brought to uncles house per request of mother, as he had been quite belligerent with her earlier. Patient normally behaves well with uncles, but today he waited until he was unsupervised and climbed out of a ground floor window to run away again.”

Not appropriate for inpatient pediatric medical floor. Boarding in HCMC Emergency Department. HCMC Acute Psychiatric Services do not feel patient needs an inpatient psychiatric admission. Family and NEXXUS advocate not comfortable with discharge unless plan for significantly increased outpatient support. No formal diagnoses. Has been completely compliant and appropriately behaved since presenting to the ED 32+ hours prior.


Update: 3/21/24 Dad is not going to take the child back. Did get MA switched to MN.
Update: Meeting today 3/14/24, potentially back to dad? Working on switching MA from WI to MN
Patient brought in from home due to aggressive behaviors. History of autism, recently returned to living with father after being in foster care in WI. Since returning to MN, has had limited services set up. Father does not feel safe taking patient home due to aggressive behaviors and other children in the home. Case managers in Wisconsin & MN working together on determining placement.


Patient presented with police after being found as a runaway from parents home, staying at friends house. Patient reportedly having increased aggressive episodes at home towards parents and property destruction. Parents unwilling to have patient in the home at this time. Working with family and case manager on shelter or alternative placement need.