Came to the ED this time on 6/9, after refusing to do chores and punching a wall and tree. Dad is refusing to pick up. Was previously in our ED 5/4-5/18 and 5/25-5/28, returned home with Dad both of those times. Case Manager is looking for waiver paid placement, and has been for over a month. Had interview with potential provider 6/12- they are potentially going to do a variance for him to live in adult home if accepted (he’s 3 months from 18). At baseline has some auditory hallucinations, ongoing aggression- primarily verbal, occasionally property, along with some suicidal ideation.


Pt arrived in our ED on 5/23. She had previously been at Children’s Hospital (inpatient) for 40 days, went to a crisis placement for around 24 hours when she started to aggress physically and was brought to our ED. Crisis respite refuses to accept pt back. Has diagnosis of autism and lower IQ, unsure of the number. Was a recent DA completed by Nystrom that team is waiting on to submit referrals for residential. Mom refuses out of state options at this time. Has name in crisis bed pool via MCCP, on DD waiver.


Update: Discharged to Aspen House but was having suicidal ideation so returned to ED 5/25. County working with Prairie Care Residential for potential placement.

Pt came to ED on 5/10 via foster care parent due to suicidal ideation. Foster parent refusing to take back due to these behaviors. Was previously in North Homes residential and was in inpatient with us from 2/5-2/13. County reports they are exploring residential and PRTF, waiting for DA to come back with recommendation. Completing referral for Nexus YCT. Pt’s mental health is being negatively impacted by boarding, she has been continuously sobbing in our ED about being here.


Was at Bar None, they discharged and will not allow his return. Wanted medication changes and then when not supported by psychiatry, declined to take him back. Hennepin county working on alternative placements.


Update 5/23/24: Needs psycho-sexual eval, but there is no place to send him to have it done as it can’t be done in the hospital.
Pt was brought into ED on 5/11 by mother due to allegations of abuse. Mother resides in DV shelter and shelter is not allowing pt to return there due to pt behaviors (bangs his head, kicks walls, makes threats, aggression toward mother.) Mother is trying to find new housing so that pt can return to her. County referrals made to Northwoods, North Homes, Village Ranch and Mille Lacs Academy- programs thus far are months out. Barrier to many programs is pt age. County JST is meeting today at 10:30am to discuss further options. Planning to refer for Nexus YCT once discussed with all team members and ROI is received.


Update: O5/16, Central Pre-Admission denied the patient’s placement in CABHH, appealing this decision. Comprehensive Home Care (Respite Provider) accepted him moving date TBD.
Update: 5/15 referred to CABHH he previously denied on 3/29 along with residential and respite placement.
16 y/o M with hx of intellectual disability, poor distress tolerance, and maladaptive patterns to get needs met. Presents with chronic behavioral pattern of acting out to get needs met. Pervasive behavioral patterns in the community result in unsafe behaviors, high utilization of ERS, loss of placements, and exacerbating attachment struggles. He was d/c from respite placement through Twin Cities Home Care on 5/14 due to aggression and impulsive behaviors.


Update 5/16/24: Still on Empath. Cancelled follow up visit/pursuit of ChildServe due to county not being able to provide out of state funding. Starting over with contacting facilities in MN. Enriched living extensive waitlist, Beacon sent referral for long term crisis placement, Dragon fly still reviewing, JD homes reviewing, REM reviewing.
Update 5/9/24: Still on Empath unit. Being reviewed by ChildServe for potential placement out of state. County also pursuing waiver for adult group home.
Update 4/15/24: Still on the Empath unit and continues to do well. MN Choice Assessment completed last week. Referral made to ChildServe in Iowa.
Update 3/21/24: Still on Empath unit, doing well. Stearns county has guardianship, still working on CADI waiver. Referral made to Dragonfly.
Update:3/7/24: On Empath unit, used for assessments and stabilization. 48 hour stay. Doesn’t need hospital. Needs to be assigned a social worker. On a chips hold. Going to need a CADI waiver.
Patient is diagnosed with Soto’s syndrome and is non-verbal with significant developmental delay and suspected cognitive functioning of a toddler. Dad dropped her off at the ER with reports that he is not willing to bring her back home as he and mom are aging and are unable to manage her any longer as they have other disabled children in the home and mom has health issues. Patient has a chronic history of slapping herself, biting herself and others, and pulling hair. Patient is incontinent of bowel and bladder and requires significant assistance with ADL’s including toileting, bathing, dressing, and eating. Family currently has no supportive services in place with the exception of psychiatry. CPS report was filed with court scheduled Monday morning. Not aggressive or violent since in ER. Compliant. 1:1 since she’s on an adult unit.


Pt came into ED on 5/4 via ambulance after property destruction at home. Parent is refusing to pick up. Was previously at Gerard for 45 day eval- discharged on 3/22 to parent. Has a DD waiver CM through the County and they report that he has been approved for out of home placement, making referrals for waiver paid crisis beds and group homes. He has a mild intellectual disability and has some auditory hallucinations that are baseline for pt, Gerard assessment suspected schizophreniform disorder, provisionally.


Pt came to ED after ongoing behavioral concerns at home with guardian/grandmother, physical and verbal aggression, and threats. Previously discharged from CADI GH for physical aggression, went to JDC for that but was released after a rule 20. Declined by North Homes, Northwoods, and CABHH. A CADI home in Duluth that may be an option.


Came to our ED solely due to not having another placement. Has boarded in our ED in the past. Was previously at Bar None Shelter plus where she assaulted others and was taken to JDC. Was in JDC for a week when a judge ordered her to be removed, so CPS brought her to the ED as they had no other place to go. CPS is searching for group home placement as that is what the County’s juvenile screening team deemed the appropriate level of care.