Update 4/23/24: Patient discharged from inpatient on 4/23/24. Patient scheduled to begin PrairieCare PHP on 4/24/24 while continuing to pursue Group Home placement as recommended by the county.

Patient is a 14-year-old female presenting to inpatient on 03/19/2024 from the ED due to running away from shelter placement. Patient has a history of participating in PHP two times, DBT, ongoing outpatient mental health services, and being in shelter placement.

Discharge Plan:
-North Homes (on the wait list)

CD-RTC: Referrals submitted/considered for the following facilities:
-Hazelden (Pt’s insurance not accepted in Minnesota)
-Rogers (Declined due to elopement risk)
-M Health Fairview (Declined due to elopement risk)
-Anthony Louis Center (referral sent 03/27/24)

Group Home Placement (as recommended by JST/county):
-Little Sands (Referral submitted by CM; declined d/t LON)
-Village Ranch (Referral submitted by CM; reviewing 4/10; pending additional review on 4/17)
-North Homes (Pt is on the waitlist for RTC; pt is not eligible for their group home due to age)

Existing Outpatient Providers:
CHMCH: Hennepin County
Psychiatry: Nystrom & Associates


Update 4/16/24: Patient discharged from inpatient on 4/16/24 to outpatient mental health services while awaiting admission to CD RTC.

4/3/24 Update: Waiting accepting CD RTC tx

Case Description: 17 y/o male w/ ASD, depression, polysubstance use, ADHD, presenting due to intrusive SI . Biologically, there is a genetic predisposition for depression, anxiety and substance abuse in the family. Patient recently underwent chemical dependency tx outpatient and was using concurrently.

Discharge Plan:
– Omegon Pathways (referral submitted)
– MHealth Fairview-MW (referral submitted; denied 3/27/24 due to ED/behavior concerns)
– Lakeside (referral submitted)
– CMHCM through Blue Earth

Current Providers:
– Individual Therapy ACFS (Adult, Child, & Family Services, LLC) – Mankato
– Depression and Teens Group (DAT) Weekly Group at ACFS (12 week program)
– Medication Management at Mankato Clinic
– Truancy Worker at Blue Earth County Community Corrections
– Primary Care at Mayo Clinic Health System – Eastridge


Update: 1/19/24 Pt. still looking for placement.

15-year-old male looking for a group home and residential program. Children’s Mental Health Case Manager has tried everything, and doors are being shut. Client has a physical aggression, verbal aggression, history of PTSD and sexual abuse. Client has experienced abuse from biological father who is in still in the home, and sexual assault that happened possibility of more than one with an older cousin sister. Client mother is giving up on hope on trying to help her child. Client is struggling at home, school, and community. Children’s Mental Health Case Manager has been trying everything to find a placement for him. He’s been going in and out of the ER like every two months now. Children’s Mental Health Case Manager still trying to offer support the way she can by being there every hospital stay, seeing client like twice a month, and having mom keep her on speed dial to talk to client.

Because of experiences, client is chemical dependent on marijuana, perks, and opioids.


2/15/24/ update, accepted to Omegon, waiting for that.
Patient presented to the ER via EMS after being found outside at a local school’s playground intoxicated, hypothermic, and with an altered mental status with a concern for head trauma and a seizure. He was medically stabilized and admitted to the MHU. He had just completed residential CD treatment on 1/24/24 after continued use while in IOP with plans to transition to IOP again though he self injured via cutting on his arm, began to drink, and snuck out the window in the middle of the night.

The patient is very depressed with no motivation or desire for sobriety. He has a history of a previous suicide attempt. He does require residential CD treatment again and will need to transition straight from the hospital to treatment. .


Patient presents after being found on the run by police, ongoing substance use concerns. Patient has been discharged from several CD facilities related to behaviors and/or eloping. Patient continues to need CD treatment, guardian does not feel safe with patient coming home.


Patient presented from home with mother and grandmother due to ongoing concerns for substance use (fentanyl, mother believes others but unsure what). Mother not comfortable discharging until in CD treatment.


Patient presented after being found on the run, recently discharged from Oshki Manidoo CD treatment unsuccessfully due to aggression and sneaking in a vape. Ongoing substance use concerns, need CD treatment.


Patient presented to the ED after threatening father and becoming agitated. Father refusing to pick up or allow to discharge to another family member. Patient with SUD concerns and after completing CD assessment, recommended for residential SUD treatment. Referrals being made for this, parents will not pick up until treatment is secured.


Update: DC’d to Anthony Lewis 11/20.
16 y/o F with a significant opioid use disorder and passive SI. Self-presented to APS wanting CD tx. Hx of 3 serious overdoses.While in APS, She has been calm, cooperative, and engaged. Suboxone was started and is tolerating it well.


Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: substance use, intoxication, anxiety. Patient was at WINGS treatment center for substance abuse/mental health from 10/17/23-10/28/23, before eloping. Patient was living on the streets, and staying with friends, before going to her aunt’s house. Patient was then picked up by her guardian/grandmother and brought to the ED.
Patient has a history of elopement and substance abuse.
Patient attended Prairie Care’s PHP program in June 2022, but was discharged due to behavioral problems.
Patient was in FV inpatient unit from 3/10/23-3/16/23 when she eloped while being transported to FV residential treatment program.
Patient was readmitted to the inpatient unit on 3/17/23 where she remained until admission to FV residential treatment could be arranged.
Patient was discharged from treatment due to behaviors and ran away from home, when she was found and brought back to FV ED on 4/24. where she remained until eloping on 5/28.
Patient has been accepted to Oshki Manidoo treatment center, and will admit once a bed opens up.