2/15/24/ update, accepted to Omegon, waiting for that.
Patient presented to the ER via EMS after being found outside at a local school’s playground intoxicated, hypothermic, and with an altered mental status with a concern for head trauma and a seizure. He was medically stabilized and admitted to the MHU. He had just completed residential CD treatment on 1/24/24 after continued use while in IOP with plans to transition to IOP again though he self injured via cutting on his arm, began to drink, and snuck out the window in the middle of the night.

The patient is very depressed with no motivation or desire for sobriety. He has a history of a previous suicide attempt. He does require residential CD treatment again and will need to transition straight from the hospital to treatment. .


The patient is a 13 Y year-old male with a history of fetal alcohol syndrome, separation anxiety, ADHD, RAD, sensory processing difficulty, DMDD, conduct disorder, and ODD who presents to the ER on 12/2 via law enforcement for assessment of aggression, suicidal, and homicidal ideation after physically assaulting his adoptive mom and brother and threatening to use a knife or gun to hurt the family when they weren’t looking. The patient made threats to kill himself with a colored pencil. The patient has aggressive outbursts several times per day when he is told no.

The patient has a long history of psychiatric services including residential at Northwoods x3, inpatient hospitalization x1, group home placement, PHP and further outpatient services. The county is currently in the process of developing an individual home for him which is thought to be completed in January though still requires licensing.


Patient was brought to the Emergency Dept. after having a violent outburst at a residential facility in Fargo, ND. Concern for physical aggression and property damage. Patient reportedly was involved in a verbal altercation with another resident who was calling him by the wrong pronouns. He has now been discharged from the residential facility with no alternative residential facilities available. Otter Tail County (MN) is the guardian. Guardian has exhausted all options. He has been calm and cooperative in the ED with no outbursts. He is medically cleared and he is not meeting criteria for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.


Patient is reported to be under the guardianship of Hennepin County. Patient presents to ED with his social worker for a mental health evaluation after having “mental breakdowns” while under the care of his mother, who kicked him out and told him not to return. Patient has a hx of autism spectrum disorder. Patient has hx of abandonment from both parents, and has a foster placement with his aunt, but is refusing to return to her care, stating that he will kill her if he has to go back.


Patient presented after RTC in Nevada abruptly closed that patient was residing at; patient was flown home to MN and brought directly to the ED due to lack of placement following RTC closing. Patient is under guardianship of Otter Tail county. History of aggressive behaviors in community and placements however has been calm throughout ED stay.


Patient is presented to the Peds ED from his elementary school, where he became physically aggressive towards staff and students, and eloped from his school. Patient was placed in the care of paternal aunt about two years ago, but removed a couple of months ago due to alleged abuse toward patient. Patient’s mother and aunt are allowed supervised visits. Patient has been in four foster home placements in the last six weeks. Patient’s most current foster placement refuses to take him back. Patient has hypersexual behavior and sexual knowledge not appropriate for his age. There are concerns for sexual abuse


Diagnosed with Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder. Has been inpatient and in PHP continuously since October 2022. Was in residential treatment at Prairie Care in December 2022 but discharged early due to ingesting non-food items. She has not engaged in this behavior for several months. Current struggles include suicidal ideation and self-harm. Struggles with peer relationships. Presents as intrusive and has poor boundaries.