Recommendation is for level 6 RTC/PRTF – patient is currently inpatient.
16-year-old Female from RTC level 5. Patient admitted to inpatient after struggling with self-regulation shortly after arriving to RTC. Patient has had several other inpatient hospitalizations and has admitted to RTC twice, discharging both times to inpatient. In alignment with CMHCM, seeking RTC level of care. At this time pt is under temporary guardianship of the county. Referrals have been sent to Nexus East Bethel, Bar None Haven, and PrairieCare.
Patient insured by Medicaid.
Pt has the following outpatient supports:
County guardian/CPS worker
Guardian ad Litem


Came to the ED this time on 6/9, after refusing to do chores and punching a wall and tree. Dad is refusing to pick up. Was previously in our ED 5/4-5/18 and 5/25-5/28, returned home with Dad both of those times. Case Manager is looking for waiver paid placement, and has been for over a month. Had interview with potential provider 6/12- they are potentially going to do a variance for him to live in adult home if accepted (he’s 3 months from 18). At baseline has some auditory hallucinations, ongoing aggression- primarily verbal, occasionally property, along with some suicidal ideation.


Came to ED on 6/2 after a fight with her guardian, Grandma. Grandma reported she has run away in the past and had made comments related to SI. Grandma refused to pick up and then flew to another state, notifying us she did not know when she would return. We tried to refer to shelter programs, but struggled due to Grandma’s unwillingness to work on reunification post shelter placement. CPS has now opened and will be pursuing temp custody, once they have that they will pursue placement options.


This pt arrived in Ridges ED on 5/31 after behaviors at her Grandma’s house. St Louis County has temporary guardianship. Grandma is refusing to let her return to her home. Made suicidal statements at home and was verbally escalated. County is exploring Heartland Girls Ranch and 35 day assessment programs. Referral is being completed to Nexus YCT.


Pt arrived in our ED on 5/23. She had previously been at Children’s Hospital (inpatient) for 40 days, went to a crisis placement for around 24 hours when she started to aggress physically and was brought to our ED. Crisis respite refuses to accept pt back. Has diagnosis of autism and lower IQ, unsure of the number. Was a recent DA completed by Nystrom that team is waiting on to submit referrals for residential. Mom refuses out of state options at this time. Has name in crisis bed pool via MCCP, on DD waiver.


Update: Discharged to Aspen House but was having suicidal ideation so returned to ED 5/25. County working with Prairie Care Residential for potential placement.

Pt came to ED on 5/10 via foster care parent due to suicidal ideation. Foster parent refusing to take back due to these behaviors. Was previously in North Homes residential and was in inpatient with us from 2/5-2/13. County reports they are exploring residential and PRTF, waiting for DA to come back with recommendation. Completing referral for Nexus YCT. Pt’s mental health is being negatively impacted by boarding, she has been continuously sobbing in our ED about being here.


Pt is a 15 year old female with a history of unstable placements after having been removed from family care due to physical abuse. She has a history of irritability, impulsivity and mood instability which have led to outbursts, self-harm, aggression and property destruction. She was admitted to the hospital after being discharged from her residential treatment facility due to these behaviors. Patient is requesting medication management for the above listed symptoms while we work with her Hennepin County case manager on placement. She has not had any significant behavioral issues over the past 2 weeks while in the hospital.


Was at Bar None, they discharged and will not allow his return. Wanted medication changes and then when not supported by psychiatry, declined to take him back. Hennepin county working on alternative placements.


Bio mom is deceased, bio dad ‘s rights terminated and was recently released from prison. Was placed with grandparents who are in process of terminating rights and want no visitation, mostly due to gender identity preferences. Hennepin county placed kiddo at Bar None shelter, and she was kicked out due to behavior incident involving threats toward peers. Much of this may be related to identity issues. Bar None will not take her back. On MCCP crisis bed list. Shelters have declined. Have tried foster care, but no success. 1 relative in another state that may be willing to take her, but that is a 6-month process with out of state process.
Hennepin CPS assigned worker is Michael Branscum # 612-558-2682.


Update: O5/16, Central Pre-Admission denied the patient’s placement in CABHH, appealing this decision. Comprehensive Home Care (Respite Provider) accepted him moving date TBD.
Update: 5/15 referred to CABHH he previously denied on 3/29 along with residential and respite placement.
16 y/o M with hx of intellectual disability, poor distress tolerance, and maladaptive patterns to get needs met. Presents with chronic behavioral pattern of acting out to get needs met. Pervasive behavioral patterns in the community result in unsafe behaviors, high utilization of ERS, loss of placements, and exacerbating attachment struggles. He was d/c from respite placement through Twin Cities Home Care on 5/14 due to aggression and impulsive behaviors.