history of running, trauma, generational trauma, emotional dysregulation. Rec CRTC level 6 – barrier to placement. Waiting on County for review and to change to another county agent.


Patient was previously at a group home, due to running away and SI/SIB, pt was readmitted to Inpatient. Inpatient hospitalizations 7/8/23-7/28-23, 9/29/23-10/13/23, 10/16/23-Present.

Recommending PRTF. Referred to all.
Cannot return to previous Group Home. Per County, no interim plan available as parents and foster parents are reportedly not an option.

Patient has the following outpatient providers:
CPS Worker/Legal Guardian
Medication Management
School Counselor

Insurance: BCBS MN and MN MA


Patient presents to ED via EMS for aggressive behaviors and agitation at her foster home. Patient has diagnosis of MDD, GAD, and Intellectual Delay. Foster caregivers report that the patient has had increased agitation over the past 4-5 days, is throwing things, crying most of the day, trying to run away from the setting multiple times a day, is uncooperative, destroying property, hitting caregivers in the face and stomach, and is now trying to self-harm by dumping a dresser over on herself. Patient does have contact with her birth mother but there are apparently issues with that, and foster care believes that birth mother is influencing the patient to act out so mom can get custody returned to her.


Patient is presented to the ED by EMS after getting into an altercation with his mother. Patient threatened mother, and ran away from home. Police found the patient three hours later and was brought to the hospital. Patient has a history of mental health issues, aggression, and is currently on probation for making terroristic threats at his school.


Child admitted to ED in agitated state with foster parents. Has had history of trauma and abuse. School refusal and elopement from past treatment settings.