Brought to the emergency department by police due to concerns for sexual exploitation. She was admitted with opioid withdrawal and need for safe discharge plan. In need of substance use treatment and mental health. Has history of running. not aggressive. Very collaborative and asking for treatment. Substance use tied to sexual exploitation. Wonderful partnership with HCMC CPS. Will be placed at Provo Canon in Springville UT tomorrow. Had to go way up the chain to get approval for out of state. Very high-risk youth. Still very collaborative and wanting treatment. Mom and dad have come to see her and brought things to take with her.


History of trauma, sexual exploitation, concurring with MH and substance use. Co-managed by psychology and addiction medicine in the hospital. Community PCP has been established who can also monitor suboxone. Patient in need of short-term placement. Has been referred to Heartland Girl’s Ranch.


First episode psychosis. Admission to HCMC 12/26/22. Exception made to accept a minor patient to HCMC Adult Psych Unit 1/6/23 – 1/16/23 in effort to get patient out of restraints, medication regimen and agreement to return to Peds Unit. Returned to Peds Unit 1/16/23 and remains here. Efforts to transfer to Adolesent Acute Pysch unsuccessful due to no capacity and/or patient declined. Update: 1/24/23. Continues to be medically cleared, awaiting placement. Awaiting Hennepin County MH Casemanager to be assigned. Consider referral to PRTS, concern for long waitlists. Concern if we continue to board patient on Peds Floor where he is not getting the mental health care he needs, he is at risk for decompensation. Patient has a Continuance Agreement through District Court Probate/Mental Health Division for six months from 1/17/23. grandmother is open to having him return home with a structured program during the day.


Substance use history, family signed out from treatment program and has been on the run for the past 6 months after mom signed her out of facility in Brainerd. History of abuse from grandfather whom she was staying with. Leech Lake custody. Drinking since age 9. MH primary dx.


FASD, PTSD. Has lived in group homes. LSS home until last summer when there were allegations against staff and drank bleach for self-harm. Series of Shelter placements, ext. ER placements. Admit to Prairie care 2 mos ago, End of Dec. came to ANW ED. Rec group home funded by DD waiver. 18 in March. Leech Lake will be going for guardianship when she turns 18. Had done well in group home setting, but recently had a younger roommate that transferred, and became very upset after that.


SI, SIB, high risk behaviors (running away, substance use), foster family found burn marks on her sheets. Has been in 7 foster homes over last 2 years. CPS/foster family found notes referencing suicide in her room, SIB. ETOH use, THC use, deceitful, dishonesty. School staff and therapist was shocked, presents as a well-adjusted child. As in school. Struggles to connect with people. Makes poor choices with her sister. Likes to burn candles and leaves them, does she forget or is it intentional. Burn marks on sheets, lighter in room. Admitted because of SIB/SI notes. Struggling to find a foster family – from small area so other foster families hesitant to take her in. Question as to if residential treatment is appropriate? At this point, foster care or shelter care is rec. Was formerly at a partial program at Prairie Care.


In protective custody of Goodhue County. Trauma hx, was at SERCC and became dysregulated. Virtual DA schedule for today.


Came from foster care. Needs foster care to he can go to to Juvenile detention.


SUD, impulse control disorder, oppositional defiant disorder


Brought to ED after altercation with mom (family adopted patient after years of fostering). Patient went after mom with a knife, patient reports conflicting stories about incident and what she remembers happened. Had been in residential over a year ago. Was recently suspended from school for 10 days after getting into a fight with another student. Unclear if there have been any other incidents of this nature with mom or family, however, mom is not feeling safe if patient were to return home. CPS is involved, Nexus is now involved, but no placement options on horizon at this time.