Child is aggressive and harmful to others. He also consistently runs. Child would benefit from intense trauma informed therapy.


Update: Discharging today 6/20 to hotel crisis respite

Came to the ED this time on 6/9, after refusing to do chores and punching a wall and tree. Dad is refusing to pick up. Was previously in our ED 5/4-5/18 and 5/25-5/28, returned home with Dad both of those times. Case Manager is looking for waiver paid placement, and has been for over a month. Had interview with potential provider 6/12- they are potentially going to do a variance for him to live in adult home if accepted (he’s 3 months from 18). At baseline has some auditory hallucinations, ongoing aggression- primarily verbal, occasionally property, along with some suicidal ideation.


Recommendation is for Level 5 Residential Treatment; patient is currently inpatient.

Patient presented to inpatient from the ED due to an increase in SI and risky behaviors. Patient has had two previous psychiatric inpatient hospitalization, has attempted PHP, and engaged in outpatient mental health services.

Discharge Plan:
RTC: (JST Thursday 5/30 at 1030 to approve funding for RTC)
Avanti (ACCEPTED – opening 6/11, pending county funding support)
Gerard (referral sent & received – under review, tentative openings August)
North Homes (referral resent & received – under review)
PCR (accepted – insurance OON, county unable to support county contract for funding)

Grafton (referral sent & received – under review)
DHS PRTF eligibility (approved 5/13)

CMHCM: Sherburne County

Continue with established outpatient providers:
-Individual Therapy: Nystrom & Associates
-Family Therapy: Nystrom & Associates
-Medication Management: Allina Health Clinic Cambridge


5/20/24: Patient discharged from inpatient and admitted to PCR.

5/8 update: Patient scheduled for admission to PrairieCare Residential on 5/20/24 at 10:00am.
5/6 update: Patient is currently awaiting an RTC bed through PrairieCare Residential in Maple Grove. Patient has been approved for 3rd pathway funding through Hennepin County. Due to patient behaviors seeming to increase, other options are being explored for aftercare as denials are a possibility. Parents do not feel safe with the patient coming home.

Discharge Plan:
Residential Treatment:
-PrairieCare Residential; intake 5/20/24 at 1000

Other RTC Referrals:
-Nexus Gerard; referral made
-North Homes; referral made, declined due to FAS and IQ
-Avanti Center for Girls; referral made, declined due to aggression and peer conflict

Outpatient Providers:
Establish CMHCM; opened with Soreya Jama through Hennepin County, 3rd pathway funding approved

Establish/Continue CTSS with Samira through Nexus FACTS
Continue Therapy with Mary Midler at Great Lakes Neurobehavioral Center in Edina (weekly)
Continue PCP with Dr. Megan Reilly at Partners in Pediatrics in Plymouth
Continue Psychiatry with Gerard Balan at Plymouth Psych Group
Continue IEP Case Management with Yvette Zeese at Wayzata High School
Continue Neurological Services with Dr. Catalfamo at Noral Neurological Clinic in Bloomington

ADMISSION NOTE: Patient was admitted due to acute safety concern and was unable to contract for safety at home. Pt was in PHP in the past and family was monitoring her 24/7 at home as instructed. Pt became irritated that she is constantly being watched and ended up having altercation with her mother because she was instructed by her mother to change outside of her bedroom because the mother was unable to see her. Pt ended up leaving and went to her grandmother’s house which is next door while mom followed her, pt went straight to the kitchen grabbed a knife and start threatening to stab herself. Mother was able to wrestle the knife out of her hands and called EMS. Pt has a history of depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and fetal alcohol syndrome.


Update 5/17/24: Patient discharged home to guardian with PHP in place. Still pursuing PRTF/level 6 RTC.

Update 5/15/24: PRTF funding approved. Patient accepted to Nexus East Bethel PRTF, tentative opening August-September. Referral sent to Bar None Haven level 6 RTC, referral is under review. Scheduled discharge home to PHP interim on 5/17
Update 5/9/254: PRTF funding approved. Patient accepted to Nexus East Bethel PRTF, tentative opening August-September. Referral sent to Bar None Haven level 6 RTC, referral is under review. Tentative discharge home to PHP interim on 5/15
Update 4/24/24: Patient has been accepted to Nexus East Bethel PRTF. Estimated availability for opening is August-September.
Update 4/4/24: Updated inpatient clinical has been sent to Nexus East Bethel PRTF for review. Nexus East Bethel PRTF did not get to pt’s review on 3/26/24 and is requesting inpatient psychiatrist and PRTF psychiatrist consult directly.
Update 3/21/24 Nexus East Bethel PRTF reviewing for acceptance on 3/26/24.

12-year-old female presenting to inpatient from the ED. This is her second psychiatric inpatient hospitalization.
Recommendation is PRTF. Patient has been approved for funding through MN AFMC PRTF team.
Referral has been sent to Nexus East Bethel PRTF and is under review.


Update 5/23/24: Patient accepted to Heartland Girls Ranch with scheduled admission Wednesday 5/29 – county funding was approved.

Patient presents to inpatient from the ED due to an increase in SI. This is her third psychiatric inpatient hospitalization. She has done PHP twice and engaged in outpatient mental health services.

Discharge Plans –
RTC: (JST funding meeting on 5/17)
-Avanti Center for Girls (referral under review)
-Nexus Gerard (referral under secondary review)
-North Homes (pt is on waitlist – 4-6 weeks out)
-Village Ranch- Annandale (pt is on waitlist – end of June)
-Heartland Girls Ranch (referral under review)

Continue with established outpatient providers:
– Therapist: Mayo Clinic Health Systems Austin
– Family Therapist: Albert Lea
– Medication Management: Mayo Clinic Austin
– Case Management: Freeborn County
– Occupational Therapist: Mayo Clinic Rochester


Came to ED on 5/09/24 via police after increase in suicidal ideation. Pt reports being bullied at her group home, was at Divine. Divine is not allowing pt to return. No physical aggression, continues to have suicidal ideation without attempts. County is working on Group Home placements- wait listed at North Crow, has explored shelters, foster cares- denied by those. Referral was made for MCCP crisis bed and working on hotel crisis respite referrals, as well as CRS homes.


Update 4/25/25: Patient discharged from inpatient to Willow Trails Group Home on 4/25.

Update 4/24/24: Patient is medically ready for discharge from inpatient. Tentative admission to Willow Trails Group Home on 4/25.

Update 4/18/24: Patient is medically ready for discharge from inpatient. County is their guardian. County is working on finding foster care/group home placement. Patient has been denied at Village Ranch, is being reviewed at Port Place, Hunter’s Place, and Anoka County Juvenile Center.

Patient presented to the ED on 03/15/2024 after making suicidal statements while at school. Patient noted they have been being bullied, which contributed to the increased in suicidal ideation. Patient denied having a plan to complete suicide but was experiencing passive suicidal ideation and indicated that they would “probably do something with cutting.” The school contacted law enforcement and patient was transported to the ED for further mental health evaluation. Patient was unable to contrast for safety, resulting in them being transported via non-emergent transportation to PrairieCare for short-term stabilization.

Patient is under guardianship of Ottertail County at this time. Placement is being pursued by the county to either a Group Home or Foster Home.

Discharge Plan:
Continue care with existing outpatient providers:
-Individual therapy, PCP and Psychiatry at Behavioral Health in Badger, MN

Patient is medically ready for discharge and is awaiting placement in an appropriate group home/foster home, as identified by the county.


Update 4/23/24: Patient discharged from inpatient on 4/23/24. Patient scheduled to begin PrairieCare PHP on 4/24/24 while continuing to pursue Group Home placement as recommended by the county.

Patient is a 14-year-old female presenting to inpatient on 03/19/2024 from the ED due to running away from shelter placement. Patient has a history of participating in PHP two times, DBT, ongoing outpatient mental health services, and being in shelter placement.

Discharge Plan:
-North Homes (on the wait list)

CD-RTC: Referrals submitted/considered for the following facilities:
-Hazelden (Pt’s insurance not accepted in Minnesota)
-Rogers (Declined due to elopement risk)
-M Health Fairview (Declined due to elopement risk)
-Anthony Louis Center (referral sent 03/27/24)

Group Home Placement (as recommended by JST/county):
-Little Sands (Referral submitted by CM; declined d/t LON)
-Village Ranch (Referral submitted by CM; reviewing 4/10; pending additional review on 4/17)
-North Homes (Pt is on the waitlist for RTC; pt is not eligible for their group home due to age)

Existing Outpatient Providers:
CHMCH: Hennepin County
Psychiatry: Nystrom & Associates


Update 4/12/24: Patient discharged from inpatient to home, while waiting for RTC admission.

Update 4/11/24: Patient scheduled to discharge from inpatient on 4/12/24, stepping down to outpatient supports, while waiting for RTC. Intake process is moving forward at North Homes RTC, with potential admission on 4/18 or 4/19.

Update 4/4/24: Patient has been accepted at North Homes RTC with a potential admission mid-April. Patient has now been assigned a CMHCM, waiting on screening for county funding.

Update 3/21/4: Pt is under review for acceptance at North Homes pending county funding, Waiting assigned CMHCM, parent is currently doing the intake process at the county to get a CMHCM for the Juvenile Screening.

Patient is a 14-year-old transgender male presenting at PrairieCare’s inpatient hospital. Patient presented to Sanford Bemidji Medical Center on 3/4 when parents brought them. That night while parents were away from home patient was aggressive toward sister. Family called crisis and were directed to bring to ED for evaluation. This is after a similar event last week where patient attempted to stab sister with a knife and father had to intervene.