Update 4/12/24: Patient discharged from inpatient to home, while waiting for RTC admission.

Update 4/11/24: Patient scheduled to discharge from inpatient on 4/12/24, stepping down to outpatient supports, while waiting for RTC. Intake process is moving forward at North Homes RTC, with potential admission on 4/18 or 4/19.

Update 4/4/24: Patient has been accepted at North Homes RTC with a potential admission mid-April. Patient has now been assigned a CMHCM, waiting on screening for county funding.

Update 3/21/4: Pt is under review for acceptance at North Homes pending county funding, Waiting assigned CMHCM, parent is currently doing the intake process at the county to get a CMHCM for the Juvenile Screening.

Patient is a 14-year-old transgender male presenting at PrairieCare’s inpatient hospital. Patient presented to Sanford Bemidji Medical Center on 3/4 when parents brought them. That night while parents were away from home patient was aggressive toward sister. Family called crisis and were directed to bring to ED for evaluation. This is after a similar event last week where patient attempted to stab sister with a knife and father had to intervene.


Patient admitted to North Homes Shelter on 4/5 while awaiting North Homes RTC admission!

Update 4/3/24: Pt admitting to North Homes Shelter 4/5 at 1100 until North Homes RTC admission- Thank you, Connie!!!!

Insurance:BCBS MN PMAP

Case Description: Patient presents to PrairieCare Inpatient Hospital from the ED. Prior to the ED, she was at Village Ranch RTC/group home. Patient is no longer able to return to Village Ranch as they are recommending a higher level of care that can provide more supports, she also is not able to return home at this time.
Recommendation is for level 5 QRTP.

Discharge Plan:
-Avanti Center for Girls (Referral sent)
-Gerard (Referral sent)
-North Homes (Referral sent, tentative opening beginning of May, interim North Homes Shelter)
-Village Ranch (pt unable to return due to recommending more support/higher LOC)

-CMHCM with Crow Wing County


Patient presented to the ED on 03/15/2024 after making suicidal statements while at school. Patient noted they have been being bullied, which contributed to the increased in suicidal ideation. Patient denied having a plan to complete suicide but was experiencing passive suicidal ideation and indicated that they would “probably do something with cutting.” The school contacted law enforcement and patient was transported to the ED for further mental health evaluation. Patient was unable to contrast for safety, resulting in them being transported via non-emergent transportation to PrairieCare for short-term stabilization.

Patient is under guardianship of Ottertail County at this time. Placement is being pursued by the county to either a Group Home or Foster Home.

Discharge Plan:
Continue care with existing outpatient providers:
-Individual therapy, PCP and Psychiatry at Behavioral Health in Badger, MN

Patient is medically ready for discharge and is awaiting placement in an appropriate group home/foster home, as identified by the county.


Update 4/4/24: Updated inpatient clinical has been sent to Nexus East Bethel PRTF for review. Nexus East Bethel PRTF did not get to pt’s review on 3/26/24 and is requesting inpatient psychiatrist and PRTF psychiatrist consult directly.

Update 3/21/24 Nexus East Bethel PRTF reviewing for acceptance on 3/26/24.

12-year-old female presenting to inpatient from the ED. This is her second psychiatric inpatient hospitalization.
Recommendation is PRTF. Patient has been approved for funding through MN AFMC PRTF team.
Referral has been sent to Nexus East Bethel PRTF and is under review.


2/29/24: Still inpatient. Children’s Mental Health Case Mgr assigned this week.
Update 2/8/24: Still in inpatient. Denied from Northwoods, Gerard, PrairieCare due to aggression and age. Denied from group homes as well. Exploring 2 family member possibilities. Trying to get a Case manager assigned. Anoka non secure 45-day assessment program could include a psycho-sexual assessment (? age requirements?).

Patient presented to the ED by mother’s boyfriend due to concerns of sexual abuse. History of physical and sexual abuse and recently has been perpetrating on his younger siblings and having increased behavioral concerns and aggression. Placed on a welfare hold for placement, court ordered to out of home placement. Has been denied by 7 foster homes, no shelters accepting patients his age. CPS currently has custody.


Patient presented from Prairie Care PHP due to aggression and dysregulated behaviors. PHP unwilling to accept patient back, mother unwilling to take home at this time and cites need for RTC. No RTC referrals made currently. Patient needs support in short term placement while outpatient team supports long term plan and placement. Has been in the ED 4 other times. Back and forth from ED to home. No letter of rec. for residential at the moment. Working on it. There is a case mgr, working on a care conference currently.


Update: 1/19/24 Pt. still looking for placement.

15-year-old male looking for a group home and residential program. Children’s Mental Health Case Manager has tried everything, and doors are being shut. Client has a physical aggression, verbal aggression, history of PTSD and sexual abuse. Client has experienced abuse from biological father who is in still in the home, and sexual assault that happened possibility of more than one with an older cousin sister. Client mother is giving up on hope on trying to help her child. Client is struggling at home, school, and community. Children’s Mental Health Case Manager has been trying everything to find a placement for him. He’s been going in and out of the ER like every two months now. Children’s Mental Health Case Manager still trying to offer support the way she can by being there every hospital stay, seeing client like twice a month, and having mom keep her on speed dial to talk to client.

Because of experiences, client is chemical dependent on marijuana, perks, and opioids.


Patient arrived from Divine Institue due to aggressive behaviors towards a peer, unable to return to facility. County working on shelter referrals and long term placement options.


Conduct disorder (childhood onset), Parent-child relationship problem, ADHD, Borderline intellectual functioning
Pt has outbursts and behaviors causing family in the home to feel unsafe, he has been utilizing a respite home but recently became dysregulated in this setting additionally and struggles with boundary and limit setting. Home environment appears to reflect chronic chaos.


Discharged to a friends house 2/2/24
Seeking safe living placement for youth ASAP
Patient is a 17 year old Caucasian female with a history of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Admitted for SI/SIB related to school stress.
Ukraine Refugee and has been self sustaining since arriving in America. Patient was residing in Duluth with a roommate and roommate will not have patient live with her anymore. Patient does not have any contact with family. Trauma from war in Ukraine.
She has a therapist and psychiatrist in Duluth- will arrange to where she is living. Has completed PHP twice in the past. Pt wants to live in the Twin Cities Metro for access to more resources .Insured by UBH MA plan.

*Barrier to Discharge is housing:
The Bridge for Youth (Referral made, declined due to recent suicidal ideation)
Aspen House (Referral made, pending response)
Hope House (Contacted, no available bed at this time)
Brittany’s Place (Referral made, call at noon to review patient)
Von Wald Shelter (Referral made, pending response)
Life House (Contacted, waiting response)
Hennepin County Front Door (Contacted, they directed to call Homeless shelter, thus unable to help with housing/shelter resources)
Lutheran Social Services (Contacted, no available bed at this time)
UMD Campus Housing (Contacted campus housing, they don’t have campus housing for PSEO students)