The patient is a 13 Y year-old male with a history of fetal alcohol syndrome, separation anxiety, ADHD, RAD, sensory processing difficulty, DMDD, conduct disorder, and ODD who presents to the ER on 12/2 via law enforcement for assessment of aggression, suicidal, and homicidal ideation after physically assaulting his adoptive mom and brother and threatening to use a knife or gun to hurt the family when they weren’t looking. The patient made threats to kill himself with a colored pencil. The patient has aggressive outbursts several times per day when he is told no.

The patient has a long history of psychiatric services including residential at Northwoods x3, inpatient hospitalization x1, group home placement, PHP and further outpatient services. The county is currently in the process of developing an individual home for him which is thought to be completed in January though still requires licensing.


UPDATE 9/14/23: Intake date at Gerard next week.
Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: suicidal ideation, verbal agitation. Per Hennepin County workers, patient had been in inpatient at Prairie Care since June due to behaviors and suicidal ideation. Patient was abruptly discharged because she was not safe, and spending a lot of time in seclusion. Patient was to be transported to her grandmother’s home but ran away, and into traffic. Patient reports that she will kill herself and her grandmother if she is to live there. Patient would like to live with her mother, but is unable to due to a court order. Patient has a history of trauma, has witnessed parental domestic violence, and parental substance abuse.
Patient has a bed at Gerard for residential treatment, but not until 9/18.