Patient was in Prairie Lake JDC and his ‘time was served’. County did not have a place for him and reported a judge ordered for a sheriff to drive him from there to ANW for acute MH care. He does not need IP MH care, Crow Wing County does not have a place for him. They are connected with Solutions, working on group home placement.


The patient is a 13 Y year-old male with a history of fetal alcohol syndrome, separation anxiety, ADHD, RAD, sensory processing difficulty, DMDD, conduct disorder, and ODD who presents to the ER on 12/2 via law enforcement for assessment of aggression, suicidal, and homicidal ideation after physically assaulting his adoptive mom and brother and threatening to use a knife or gun to hurt the family when they weren’t looking. The patient made threats to kill himself with a colored pencil. The patient has aggressive outbursts several times per day when he is told no.

The patient has a long history of psychiatric services including residential at Northwoods x3, inpatient hospitalization x1, group home placement, PHP and further outpatient services. The county is currently in the process of developing an individual home for him which is thought to be completed in January though still requires licensing.


SI, self-harm, history of suicide attempts, past (not current) substance abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome disorder (normal IQ), reactive attachment disorder.

Denied from village ranch due to Mental Health concerns, Heartland due to behaviors, Little Sand denied due to recent suicide attempts, Greater MN denied due to hygiene concerns. Just completed res tx in Oct. Cadii waiver? Has been screened for the waiver. Jen Butler will connect. Hunters Place and Port are reviewing. UPDATE FROM 1/12: Accepted to North Homes Eval Program for 1/18/23


RAD. Aggression at home. Parents unable to accommodate needs at home so resident remains in ED. Hasn’t needed hospital since mid feb but parents unable to take her home. Accepted 3/15 to Community Living Options.


attachment difficulties, parent child difficulties, working towards either RTC or group home. Working w/ county – denied from most residentials due to IQ. Looking at group home placement. Home is disruptive. Attachment difficulties.


UPDATE 11-15-2023: Still inpatient
Patient is a 15 yo M with a past psychiatric history of RAD, PTSD, and ADHD as well as unspecified mood disorder (MDD vs DMDD), spells of trembling, and unspecified anxiety disorder, mostly documented as GAD. Multiple previous inpatient admissions, most recently Feb 2023. Has had numerous ED visits since 02/2023 for aggression. He has a psychosocial history of early parental loss, institutional care, neglect, and profound physical and sexual abuse while living in an orphanage in Ghana following the death of his biological mother in child birth. He was adopted when he was seven years old. Since that time, he has struggled with physically aggressive behavior, typically triggered by losing control of situations by not getting what he wants, being challenged, etc., assaulting both parents and endangering siblings. He can also become agitated and engage in aggression and property damage at the school. When he is not aggressive, however, he presents as extremely polite, pleasant, playful, and affectionate, and he does not struggle with chronic irritability or agitation. His family has worked to keep him in the home and community by maintaining two residences, with father caring for him in a rental and his mother caring for his sibling in their family home for safety over the past three years. He has had numerous inpatient stays, crisis placement, shelter, and residential stays as well as outpatient psychiatric and counseling services in clinic and in the home. Still, his behaviors remain persistently dangerous, culminating in the sexual assault of his father on 10/21/23.
Reach out to Heather Hanson, Social Worker at Abbott with questions or possible matches. She can be reached at 612-863-8569 and/or heather.hanson2@allina.com


Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: self-harm. Patient has a history of self-harm, through primarily biting his arm, punching other things or scraping himself with a tack. Mom reported that today was the first time he self-harmed with a blade. Mom reporting increased aggression in the home and at school and feels that patient needs inpatient. Mom explained the patient is in a level 4 school setting. He recently did PHP at Prairie Care and was discharged after three days due to concerns about aggression and inappropriate sexual comments. Mom shared the patient has made comments about wanting to strangle others.
Mom explained that patient may already be on the waitlist for the Village Ranch residential treatment in Cokato. They are also exploring North Home in Bemidji. Mom reported that patient has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, PTSD and ASD. She also wonders about FASD due to his biological mothers, drug and alcohol use. Patient was adopted at age 7 by his adopted mom and adopted dad. Mom was his PCA in his last foster home for one year before adoption.


Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: verbal agitation, physical aggression. Patient was discharged from residential treatment last week. Patient was supposed to discharge to a group home, but her CADI waiver had expired, and she was discharged home without services. Patient became upset after a stressful day, and began arguing with her brother and mother. Patient “destroyed her room”, attempted to kick out her window, and ran a piece of glass under her nails. Patient’s mother called the police.
Patient has a history of ADHD, depression, anxiety, and aggressive behaviors. She had 5 admissions to inpatient psychiatry, with the most recent one on 9/28/22.


Brought to ED after altercation with mom (family adopted patient after years of fostering). Patient went after mom with a knife, patient reports conflicting stories about incident and what she remembers happened. Had been in residential over a year ago. Was recently suspended from school for 10 days after getting into a fight with another student. Unclear if there have been any other incidents of this nature with mom or family, however, mom is not feeling safe if patient were to return home. CPS is involved, Nexus is now involved, but no placement options on horizon at this time.


a history of diagnoses of PTSD, reactive attachment disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD and substance use disorder. Her social and developmental history is notable for significant early life trauma related to parental substance use, including at least one episode of Lily herself ingesting methamphetamine as an infant. She was removed from mother’s care at age 10 months and father’s care at age 5 years, and was adopted by maternal grandparents at age 7. She has had essentially lifelong difficulties with dysregulated behavior. She has been at Mayo Clinic since 9/6/2023 following an altercation at the home where she was staying. She was previously residing with a family friend, but is unable to return due to safety concerns by all adults involved, including Olmsted County who assessed this not to be a safe discharge location. Her legal decision maker is her maternal grandmother who has previously adopted her.