Patient is an 8 yr old that has a history of disruptive behaviors at school and at home. She has a history of PTSD ADHD reactive attachment disorder and is on quite a few meds for behavioral health. Apparently she did not sleep well last night and woke up this morning threatening to kill her family members and herself. She continued to escalate at home to the point where mom called psychiatry and they recommended that she come to the ED. She arrives in ED out of control hitting, biting, kicking, and screaming. Mom states that this type of behavior for her has happened frequently in the past but has not had an episode like this for a year or two. She apparently is doing quite well in school and has not had any recent issues. Mom states that when she has these outbursts or crisis that this is typical where she has just a sudden change in her behavior and becomes violent at home. She has not missed any of her medications. Mom denies fever, no recent cough no abdominal pain no nausea vomiting or other recent infections. Mom states that in the remote past she has had a UTI with high fever but typically infections have not caused behavior issues. Patient has an established psychiatrist and has had numerous hopitalizations regarding same issues. Started having visual hallucination yesterday, medication adjustment decreased (risperdal) decreased a couple of months ago with the thoughts that this may be contributing. Biological mother has history of bipolar disorder and grandmother and cousin has history affective schizoid disorder. For the past week her behaviors have been escalating and has been getting harder and harder to negotiate with child. She has threatened to kill her 3 yr old brother and mom concerned for safety of other children in the home.


First episode psychosis. Admission to HCMC 12/26/22. Exception made to accept a minor patient to HCMC Adult Psych Unit 1/6/23 – 1/16/23 in effort to get patient out of restraints, medication regimen and agreement to return to Peds Unit. Returned to Peds Unit 1/16/23 and remains here. Efforts to transfer to Adolesent Acute Pysch unsuccessful due to no capacity and/or patient declined. Update: 1/24/23. Continues to be medically cleared, awaiting placement. Awaiting Hennepin County MH Casemanager to be assigned. Consider referral to PRTS, concern for long waitlists. Concern if we continue to board patient on Peds Floor where he is not getting the mental health care he needs, he is at risk for decompensation. Patient has a Continuance Agreement through District Court Probate/Mental Health Division for six months from 1/17/23. grandmother is open to having him return home with a structured program during the day.


Patient presents with SI and HI and auditory hallucinations. Attempted to wrap blanket around his neck in the ER on 10/28/23 in an attempt to end his life. Hears voices telling him to hurt others. Intellectual disability (FSIQ 67)


Patient presented from group home with aggression, breaking things. He has chronic aggressive behaviors. He was admitted to Hawthorn Center state hospital in 6/21-7/22. During his admission, patient’s mom passed away and he was placed in Beacon Crisis Residence. Patient had a prolonged stay in UMMC ED September 2022-October 2022 and was discharged to RTC in TN. Patient was discharged from the facility in TN due to concerns with the facility and was returned MN. He was brought from the airport to Children’s Hospital on 1/11/23-1/13/23 and was discharged and immediately brought to UMMC ED by parent and county worker. He was in UMMC ED 1/13/23-2/7/23¬†and was started on Zyprexa ODT due to cheeking medications. He was eventually¬†discharged to crisis home. Patient then returned for further concerns of medication non adherance and exacerbation of psychotic symptoms. He had inpatient admission on Inpatient mental health at UMMC from 2/15/23-3/12/23. Patient was discharged to respite house with additional wrap around services. Patient has had 4 ED encounters since that time. Patient discharged to his group home on 5/1/23 and returned to ED on 5/2/23 due to aggressive behaviors. Patient is unable to return to group home.