Came to ED 4/5 after some property destruction at family home. Previously in FV’s PHP program. Mom refusing to pick up and refusing family first services in home. CPS recently became involved and CMH and hospital waiting for direction from them on what potential placements can be pursued. Has not been in OOHP previously.


Presented with attempted suicide on 4/4 (superficial laceration on arm). Also attempted to overdose on Lithium on 4/2. Appears to have a developmental delay. Denied at multiple inpt facilities due to previous aggression. Turns 18 in July.


Pt was in residential at Prairie Care and was discharged due to behaviors/property destruction/aggression, not allowed to return. Just switched custody from one CPS worker to another so details of history are not complete, but information is being gathered. Know she was previously in out of state placement in Oklahoma where she was discharged due to physical aggression. County is looking at VOA- Bar None Haven and Nexus East Bethel, and hospital is referring to Nexus YCT.


Update 4/3/24: Parent still not willing/able to take pt home. County involved. DC rec is PHP, openings available at PC PHP when parent is able.

Patient was admitted from Essentia Health in Duluth after attempting to run away from home. Pt has conflict w/ dad & has made HI statements toward him (burning him, switching meds out so he will OD). Pt also has a Hx of inappropriate sexual behavior with older men & on the internet.

Historically, patient lived with extended relatives for the first 11 years of her life due to mitigating circumstances that did not allow biological parents to meet her needs. Patient then went to live with her biological mom and was then sent to live with her dad, as mom was unable to meet patient needs. Patient has been with dad for about 1 month now, and he has indicated that he cannot meet her needs either, and declines for the patient to return home.


Pt came to ED 3/25 after being on the run for a few weeks. Was previously at hotel crisis respite prior to being on the run, damaged property there and can not return. County is current guardian, though patient turns 18 very shortly and will be his own guardian at that time. History of behaviors, verbal and physical aggression and property destruction. Has been denied from shelters due to behaviors and previously denied from RTCs in and out of state, though due to age would no longer be an option. Refuses all mental health services and has not had a DA since 2020. Is on CADI waiver. Recommendation on weekly call to discuss benefits of IRTS program/treatment with him.


Under the guardianship tribal agency “prairie island indian community”; unsafe conditions at aunts house and aunt cannot continue kinship care; seeking alternative family placement; CPS from Hennepin county involved with concerns at aunts house


This patient presented to Ridgeview Medical Center via P.D. after running from his home. He was found in the woods nearby his home with a knife (patient has an ankle monitoring device). Patient reportedly desires out-of-home placement and verbalized plans to use the knife to harm kids who bully him at school. Patient has a significant history of running away from home with more than 30 reported incidents. Patient maintains a desire not to return home at this time. Carver Co. holds temporary decision making authority over patient, by court order.


Patient presented from Prairie Care PHP due to aggression and dysregulated behaviors. PHP unwilling to accept patient back, mother unwilling to take home at this time and cites need for RTC. No RTC referrals made currently. Patient needs support in short term placement while outpatient team supports long term plan and placement. Has been in the ED 4 other times. Back and forth from ED to home. No letter of rec. for residential at the moment. Working on it. There is a case mgr, working on a care conference currently.


Behavioral issues, parent takes him on a leash when taking him out of the home. Physically and verbally aggressive to parent(s) and others (peers and staff). Throws items, pulls fire alarms, attempts to elope. Receives CTSS services and has demonstrated significant behaviors within those services. Had been in homebound school program, attempted re-entry into school setting and on first day back, damaged property and assaulted staff as well as directing violence towards peers, resulting in transfer to ER for placement. Treatment team questioning consistency of receiving medications appropriately in the home setting and are recommending residential treatment or a shelter bed until residential treatment can be secured.


Patient presented to ED due to concerns of sexual abuse. Patient has extensive history of eloping from home to meet up with adult men she met online and have sex with them. Mom does not feel she can keep her safe at home due to her risky behaviors.