Ward of the state-currently under Wright County Guardianship. Parental rights have been terminated. History of aggressive behavior with homicidal and suicidal comments towards multiple people/on multiple occasions. On 11/15/23, patient was sent to a “calming room” at his school due to throwing a ball at another students face. This caused him to miss out on an outdoor activity that he wanted to attend. Patient was upset and punched one of his teachers (mental health support services personnel) in the nose, causing a broken nose. Had been living with bio-grandparents prior to this incident. He has been removed from foster homes in the past due to homicidal threats to the foster parents/others in the home.


History of trauma, sexually exploited youth, aggression, ODD, multiple placements, adjustment disorder. Had an Intake with FV PHP program, was accepted, but nowhere to place her to do the program. Meeting today with county to discuss the case. Looking at intensive therapy services, shelters.
Patient been accepted to Fairview’s PHP, pt has a foster mom who is only willing to take pt home after completing PHP, county seeking residential. 3/23 update: transferring 3/24 @ 10:15 am to DIVINE.


ADHD, adjustment disorder, anxiety, Developmental delay, ODD, aggression, sexualized behavior. FAmily was living in shelter. Disregulated episode- tried to strangle self, to ED for assessment. Initially rec for inpt, then decided he did’nt need inpt. Family leaving shelter soon, so not able to take him back at this time. Mom says addicted to porn. Became disregulated once but otherwise has been stable, no SI. Henn county won’t get involved- saying it’s not abandonment, doesn’t have a county case mgr. Some services thru Dakota county. Level 4 school setting. Looking into other shelters. Family thinks he needs tx. Referrals to nexus, Prairie Care, Henn County Peace offering made. Gap in services. 7/21 was at Prairie Care. Mom open to foster home, he doesn’t necessarily need residential. Mom isn’t visiting bec she is scared he will be sent home with her.
Previously attended IP MH at PC in July 2021, no current acute SI, safety concerns in hospital, pt and his family are homeless, got kicked out of shelter due to aggression, pt currently does not have any county supports. Patient’s family moved from St. Cloud. Due to pt’s age, history of aggression, and sexualized behavior (watching porn, taking photos of privates, exposing himself to siblings) mom has been unable to find a shelter that will accept them. referral for services was put in with Hennepin county. DC’d to home with mom.


PTSD, Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder, Conduct Disorder, ADHD, ODD. Just got approval from HC for funding. Case mgr will start making calls. Doest present well on paper. Challenging behaviors – gets escalated and disreg. with peers. Is able to walk away. Threatens to hurt people but hasn’t yet. Remorseful about behavior. Learning about her dx. Fun kid, gets along with certain peers. Doesn’t work well with peers who have made statements about race. Ready to benefit from res. tx. and work with people 1 on 1. A lot of early childhood disruptions. Not sure why removed from bio mom – per aunt and gramma, she didn’t know how to be a parent. Aunt and gramma say that she has tried to kill them, threatens people, hard to know what’s what and what is recent behavior.


SUD, impulse control disorder, oppositional defiant disorder


a history of diagnoses of PTSD, reactive attachment disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD and substance use disorder. Her social and developmental history is notable for significant early life trauma related to parental substance use, including at least one episode of Lily herself ingesting methamphetamine as an infant. She was removed from mother’s care at age 10 months and father’s care at age 5 years, and was adopted by maternal grandparents at age 7. She has had essentially lifelong difficulties with dysregulated behavior. She has been at Mayo Clinic since 9/6/2023 following an altercation at the home where she was staying. She was previously residing with a family friend, but is unable to return due to safety concerns by all adults involved, including Olmsted County who assessed this not to be a safe discharge location. Her legal decision maker is her maternal grandmother who has previously adopted her.


Patient presents to the ED via EMS, via police. Patient had altercation with brother, and pulled out a knife, threatening to kill his brother and grandpa. Patient has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar and receives level 4 services in an intensive special education school. Grandpa has custody, as well as his parents, but state they cannot keep patient safe, as they live in a dangerous neighborhood.
Patient spent several months at RTC at BarNone and Gerard Academy, and returned to live with grandpa this summer. Patient has also done Peoples Inc. day treatment program, and PHP at Prairie Care three times.
Patient has placement at Northwoods in Duluth, and is waiting for an open bed.


Update on 8/17/23 – still waiting placement, relocated to peds area, not admitted, still an ED patient.

Patient is ward of state with guardianship by Otter Tail County. On a stay of commitment. Terrible trauma history and aggression – toward inanimate objects, but occ if staff gets close, she will be aggressive toward a person. Multiple hospitalizations/boarding situations, multiple (5-6) PRTF placements and failures, including an out of state facility that was suddenly shut down. Was in Rochester for hotel with respite, but they brought her in after less than a week due to behaviors. Struggles to regulate when frustrated.


Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: physical aggression, and suicidal ideation. Patient was brought in by EMS after the police were called due to patient becoming physically aggressive towards her 4 year old cousin. Patient said that that her older cousin started to film her when she was becoming physcially aggressive. Per patient, she called 911 on her cousin. Patient then became aggressive towards police, and EMS was called. Patient was placed in restraints and given medication. Patient reported that she made suicidal statements during the incident, but that she did not mean them. She tends to say she wants to kill herself when she’s mad. Patient reports that she has never attempted to hurt herself, and has no intention on doing so. Patient has been off of her medications since June due to her insurance no longer covering them. Patient has been staying with her cousin, while her mom is on vacation. Patient’s cousin is refusing to let her return due to her aggressive behavior.
Patient has had several therapists in the past, and has been to day treatment.


History of DMDD and ODD with worsening of extreme violent outbursts since March without known trigger or stressor. Kicked out of PHP due to aggression, sent to SERCC and brought here from SERCC after an aggressive event. Family concerned about home safety.