Ingesting items. Several ED trips to have items removed. Was at Gerard, couldn’t keep her safe. Significant sexual abuse history. Several referrals with denials due to the ingesting. looking at Group homes. takes responsibility for her actions. Parental rights terminated. Barriers are not being able to keep her safe (ingesting). medical issue with pancreas – very specific diet, ex. places don’t have medical staff on site. Turns 18 in May


Was at SERCC, brought to ED for ingestion of metallic items there. Had been in ED > 24hrs now admitted to inpatient unit to monitor his GI. Was in Fernbrook Day treatment. Transitioning to male. ED more related to PICA ingesting nonfood items regularly – batteries, tacks, chargers, etc. 1:1 support for keeping from self-harm. is at home with mom when not in day treatment program. Needs more than day tx support, needs 24 hr. Concern for medication mgt. Absence of psychiatric support. Has been in Prairie Care twice summer 2022 – dc’d for noncompliance. He describes a strong compulsion for ingesting things. He doesn’t claim it to be self-harm. when he goes to Mayo, he claims that it’s a suicidal attempt. Was at Gerard in May and struggled, then inpatient at Children’s in summer. Then came back to Fernbrook. over 30 presentations to ED at Mayo and Metro for self-harm and ingestion. Some are SI. Ingested batteries, screws, chargers, needing med tx/attn. Spent 12 ays at Gerard in May, 3 ingestions and elopements while there, they had to dc him as couldn’t meet his needs. Just gotten a CADII waiver to help mom supervise at home. Case conf. yesterday – the hope would be that he could be in a residential settings with the understanding that he will ingest things. Licensure issues. He has been declined as he fits everyone’s exclusion criteria. When he is out of crisis, he’s lovely. bright, intelligent.


UPDATE: Mom wouldn’t sign ROI for CRTC to she still awaits placement.

Patient is a 15 year-old with a history of PTSD, MDD, and GAD. She has a history of five previous psychiatric hospitalizations and one premature discharge from residential treatment this past spring after restricting her food and water intake (start of present hospitalization). Nutritional intake has continued to decline to the point of needing tube feeds to meet daily nutritional requirements, with symptoms more closely resembling anorexia nervosa at this time.

Patient is already connected with medication management, county case management, CPS, and psychotherapy.