Update: has been aggressive, destructive. Feeling helpless. With Rule 20 assessment, not fit to have charges brought. Due to have another Rule 20 assessment in December. Has some past felonies.
Patient presented to the ER from out of state due to being kicked out of residential treatment for elopements and aggression towards staff and peers. She was boarded in the ER for a significant amount of time before being admitted to the mental health unit for boarding. Patient has CHIPS case though parents are actively involved in her care. Patient has an extremely high risk of elopement and has a history of being sexually trafficked while on elopement. Patient struggles with conduct, low academic performance, and history of aggression. She has had 2 rule 20 assessments and was found incompetent. Patient has been declined from PRTF’s from over 25 states.


Patient presents from PHP where he was discharged due to ongoing aggression and attempts to urinate on staff and floor. Patient currently struggling with family dynamics, limit setting, gender identity, disrobing, property destruction, and aggression.


The patient is a 13 Y year-old male with a history of fetal alcohol syndrome, separation anxiety, ADHD, RAD, sensory processing difficulty, DMDD, conduct disorder, and ODD who presents to the ER on 12/2 via law enforcement for assessment of aggression, suicidal, and homicidal ideation after physically assaulting his adoptive mom and brother and threatening to use a knife or gun to hurt the family when they weren’t looking. The patient made threats to kill himself with a colored pencil. The patient has aggressive outbursts several times per day when he is told no.

The patient has a long history of psychiatric services including residential at Northwoods x3, inpatient hospitalization x1, group home placement, PHP and further outpatient services. The county is currently in the process of developing an individual home for him which is thought to be completed in January though still requires licensing.


Ward of the state-currently under Wright County Guardianship. Parental rights have been terminated. History of aggressive behavior with homicidal and suicidal comments towards multiple people/on multiple occasions. On 11/15/23, patient was sent to a “calming room” at his school due to throwing a ball at another students face. This caused him to miss out on an outdoor activity that he wanted to attend. Patient was upset and punched one of his teachers (mental health support services personnel) in the nose, causing a broken nose. Had been living with bio-grandparents prior to this incident. He has been removed from foster homes in the past due to homicidal threats to the foster parents/others in the home.


attempted strangulation with the dog leash. HX of MDD, PTSD, ADHD & anxiety.


Emotional dysregulation, high emotional reactivity in the home. Transgender. Housing insecure – soon to be evicted. Been in hospital 3 times this year. Recommend residential treatment. Meeting with mom today 12/22/22. Qualified person process can take up to 30 days.


history of running, trauma, generational trauma, emotional dysregulation. Rec CRTC level 6 – barrier to placement. Waiting on County for review and to change to another county agent.


Emotional dysregulation, discharged from crisis respite home due to aggressive incident. Frequent episodes of dysregulation around electronics. Has been calm & cooperative in our hospital. Mom’s rights are terminated, but she had daily phone contact and monthly visits.


substance use, dysregulation, personality struggles and mania. Waiting for residential. Struggles with Substance dependance. ED. emotional disreg. Level 5 resid. being recommended. Accepted to VOA CRTC, 2-4 week wait. Discharging to home to wait for funding.