The patient presented after expressing homicidal thoughts (threats of aggression) toward her grandmother with whom she lives. Patient was on her way home from school when she pulled her school lvan driver’s arm to the back of the van as she did not want to return home. Patient was then returned to her school where her grandmother picked her up and eventually brought her to the Emergency Department. Since her presentation to the Emergency Department, the patient has not displayed any aggressive behavior. Patient has irritability and emotional outbursts with grandparent(s) and has displayed these behaviors at school as well. Has mostly been pleasant and cooperative in the Emergency Department. Has some attention seeking behaviors when the Emergency Department is busy.


Update: O5/16, Central Pre-Admission denied the patient’s placement in CABHH, appealing this decision. Comprehensive Home Care (Respite Provider) accepted him moving date TBD.
Update: 5/15 referred to CABHH he previously denied on 3/29 along with residential and respite placement.
16 y/o M with hx of intellectual disability, poor distress tolerance, and maladaptive patterns to get needs met. Presents with chronic behavioral pattern of acting out to get needs met. Pervasive behavioral patterns in the community result in unsafe behaviors, high utilization of ERS, loss of placements, and exacerbating attachment struggles. He was d/c from respite placement through Twin Cities Home Care on 5/14 due to aggression and impulsive behaviors.


Pt has been living in the Residential Services-Jewel Group home for over a year. They gave a 60 day termination of service due to their inability to manage her escalating behaviors (last day of services 6/25/24). They have 2:1 staffing for her. These behaviors include harm to self, or others, striking out, choking herself, throwing things and threatening to kill herself and others. She had been attending TSA day treatment until March after an altercation with a peer. She is currently at a 4th grade level and has an IEP. She was brought to the Welia Mora ED on 5/9 and 5/10 as well as Children’s ED on 5/14 looking for “other placement” and was discharged due to not meeting criteria for inpatient hospitalization.


5/20/24: Patient discharged from inpatient and admitted to PCR.

5/8 update: Patient scheduled for admission to PrairieCare Residential on 5/20/24 at 10:00am.
5/6 update: Patient is currently awaiting an RTC bed through PrairieCare Residential in Maple Grove. Patient has been approved for 3rd pathway funding through Hennepin County. Due to patient behaviors seeming to increase, other options are being explored for aftercare as denials are a possibility. Parents do not feel safe with the patient coming home.

Discharge Plan:
Residential Treatment:
-PrairieCare Residential; intake 5/20/24 at 1000

Other RTC Referrals:
-Nexus Gerard; referral made
-North Homes; referral made, declined due to FAS and IQ
-Avanti Center for Girls; referral made, declined due to aggression and peer conflict

Outpatient Providers:
Establish CMHCM; opened with Soreya Jama through Hennepin County, 3rd pathway funding approved

Establish/Continue CTSS with Samira through Nexus FACTS
Continue Therapy with Mary Midler at Great Lakes Neurobehavioral Center in Edina (weekly)
Continue PCP with Dr. Megan Reilly at Partners in Pediatrics in Plymouth
Continue Psychiatry with Gerard Balan at Plymouth Psych Group
Continue IEP Case Management with Yvette Zeese at Wayzata High School
Continue Neurological Services with Dr. Catalfamo at Noral Neurological Clinic in Bloomington

ADMISSION NOTE: Patient was admitted due to acute safety concern and was unable to contract for safety at home. Pt was in PHP in the past and family was monitoring her 24/7 at home as instructed. Pt became irritated that she is constantly being watched and ended up having altercation with her mother because she was instructed by her mother to change outside of her bedroom because the mother was unable to see her. Pt ended up leaving and went to her grandmother’s house which is next door while mom followed her, pt went straight to the kitchen grabbed a knife and start threatening to stab herself. Mother was able to wrestle the knife out of her hands and called EMS. Pt has a history of depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and fetal alcohol syndrome.


Update 5/15: Referral madeEmbark (out of state PRTF) and other 2 PRTF out-of-state referrals, as well as Bar None Haven.
The patient is 14 y/o female with a PMH dx to include DMDD,, ADHD, PTSD, and FASD. The patient has presented to ED for SI, attempts elopement and aggression. The patient has significant hx of MH IP hospital admissions. She was recently d/c Dungarvan after 2.5 years.

Hx of sexual abuse and neglect. She ward of the state. Her extensive trauma history and attachment issues, which hinder her ability to form relationships.


Pt came to ED on 5/10 via foster care parent due to suicidal ideation. Foster parent refusing to take back due to these behaviors. Was previously in North Homes residential and was in inpatient with us from 2/5-2/13. County reports they are exploring residential and PRTF, waiting for DA to come back with recommendation. Completing referral for Nexus YCT. Pt’s mental health is being negatively impacted by boarding, she has been continuously sobbing in our ED about being here.


Patient has a history of DMDD, PTSD, ADHD, intellectual disability with FSIQ of 50, TBI, as well as seizures and psychogenic non epileptiform seizures who presents from group home where she has been aggressive and threatening to staff and other house mates. She attacked another resident there. This resident is pursuing legal charges. The patient continues to describe intent to harm other residents and staff if she goes back there, as she wants a different group home. The group home has given letter of termination and suspension. Hennepin County is patient’s guardian. County is looking into previous respite home she was at as an option, as she did really well there prior to coming to this group home 1 month ago. This same situation occurred with the same group home last fall where they terminated her and brought her to the ER.


Update 4/15/24: Patient discharged from inpatient on 4/15/24 to home with outpatient services while awaiting level 6 RTC/PRTF placement.

Update 4/3/24: Bar None Haven (Referral submitted, Denied 3.22.24), Northwood Children’s (Referral submitted, On waitlist), Grafton (Referral submitted), Nexus East Bethel (Referral submitted). County also working on referral for MITH program (MN Intensive Therapeutic Homes). MN Choice Assessment done.

12-year-old female with DMDD and RAD presenting to PrairieCare Inpatient Hospital. Patient has had multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, 2 RTC placements and 2 JDC placements.

Discharge Plan:
Locked Level 6 RTC – Bar None Haven (Referral submitted)

Current Providers:
CMCHM at Beltrami County
Individual Therapy
Medication Management
Wavier Case Management Services through Beltrami County (In process)


Update 4/12/24: Patient discharged from inpatient to home, while waiting for RTC admission.

Update 4/11/24: Patient scheduled to discharge from inpatient on 4/12/24, stepping down to outpatient supports, while waiting for RTC. Intake process is moving forward at North Homes RTC, with potential admission on 4/18 or 4/19.

Update 4/4/24: Patient has been accepted at North Homes RTC with a potential admission mid-April. Patient has now been assigned a CMHCM, waiting on screening for county funding.

Update 3/21/4: Pt is under review for acceptance at North Homes pending county funding, Waiting assigned CMHCM, parent is currently doing the intake process at the county to get a CMHCM for the Juvenile Screening.

Patient is a 14-year-old transgender male presenting at PrairieCare’s inpatient hospital. Patient presented to Sanford Bemidji Medical Center on 3/4 when parents brought them. That night while parents were away from home patient was aggressive toward sister. Family called crisis and were directed to bring to ED for evaluation. This is after a similar event last week where patient attempted to stab sister with a knife and father had to intervene.


Patient presented to the ER via law enforcement for aggressive behaviors at shelter care resulting in property destruction. Patient is not able to return to the shelter and does not have any safe disposition options.