This child has a history of chaotic/unstable social/living situation. There is a long history of CPS involvement including being removed from his home living environment. There has historically been concerns for medical neglect (mother refusing to consent to treatment/medications, poor/lack of outpatient follow-up) and physical abuse. In recent months he has spent time between living with his mother in Minnesota and his father in North Dakota (parents are divorced). Parental rights were recently terminated and as of ~1 week ago is now under the legal guardianship of Hennepin/County/Sarah Conway (he was reportedly recently physically assaulted by mother). There is a history of trauma with maladaptive coping including chronic suicidal ideation with significant history of self-injury and/or suicidal threats. There is also a history of endorsing auditory command hallucinations of a male or female voice telling him to harm/kill himself. It has previously been noted that he copes with stress/frustration/emotion by acting out/harming self and running away.

Patient is not recommended for inpatient mental health and needs support in establishing safe placement in the community.


Update 7/27 Genesis Group Homes is pursuing an intake to potentially utilize crisis services.

16 year old adopted from Ecuador at age 8 (with twin brother with similar difficulties, as well as 2 other siblings without similar struggles), with ASD and intellectual disability, associated with a microduplication at chromosome 8p23.1, likely in-utero substance exposure, as well as early life neglect (living in an orphanage for much of his young life). Significant aggression difficulties that are becoming more unmanageable by family as he grows larger; unsuccessfully discharged from Chileda in November 2022. Family have financial resources and have purchased a second home for the boys and hired private caregivers in the evenings, but their income limits eligibility for MA and state-funded services. New behavior analyst started working with the family in March. May be on the MSOCS wait list. Currently on the wait list for inpatient care at Kennedy Krieger near Baltimore (brother previously had a good experience there).


State of MN is trying to find a way to build his own home, timing TBD.

Aggressive, DD, low IQ – 40-50, FAS, ward of state, targeted case mgr. Was provisionally discharged from CABHH, not allowed to return. Perhaps a plan is a state run group home, in development?