Update 4/26/24: Patient discharged from inpatient on 4/26/24 and admitted to VOA Bar None Shelter Plus.

Update 4/24/24: Patient has been accepted to VOA Bar None ShelterPlus Program with admission scheduled for Friday 4/26.

Update 4/17/24: Updated clinical/referral resubmitted to Anthony Lewis Center for acceptance consideration.

Update 4/4/24 – County is working towards referrals to group home settings at North Crow Group Home – Cokato and Annadale – Village Ranch while awaiting appropriate RTC placement. Anthony Lewis Center tentatively reconsidering the referral if patient does not need a medical setting.

16-year-old female presenting to PrairieCare Inpatient Hospital. Patient is diagnosed with RAD, depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, polysubstance use emerging personality traits. Patient has had multiple hospitalizations, utilizes outpatient resources and completed DBT, one RTC placement, been in a group home, and is currently in foster placement. Patient’s current foster placement is unwilling to have patient return. Patient is currently under guardianship of Wright County.

Discharge Plan:
Dual Diagnosis RTC:
– MHealth Fairview-Maplewood (Referrals submitted: Update 3.13.24 – Cannot be approved until housing is confirmed)
– Wings (Referrals submitted Denied 3.15.24 due to mental health needs exceeded current program capabilities)

Current Providers:
– Individual Therapy
– Chemical Dependency Counseling
– Medication Management
– CMHCM with Wright County


Patient presented to the ER with concerns for SI. The patient has had multiple residential and inpatient hospitalizations and reports they will not be safe if they return home. The patient was discharged from a 13 month stay in residential in January and was discharged from a 2 week inpatient stay in February.


15 year old male with a history of ASD, ADHD, trauma, and multiple prior psychiatric hospitalizations and residential placements. He was admitted to the hospital after becoming aggressive and self-injurious while at crisis stabilization home. Patient has a history of making significant threats of violence and has been repeatedly sexually inappropriate. He was removed from his home after having molested a younger cousin. Patient will, at times, express remorse for his behaviors while at other times appearing grandiose and narcissistic, with violence perpetrated in response to narcissistic injury.