19 year old left his adoptive home for a walk, then stopped at a private home and requested that 911 be called due to having suicidal thoughts. Patient is in high school. 4 visit to the ER in two weeks.


Update: O5/16, Central Pre-Admission denied the patient’s placement in CABHH, appealing this decision. Comprehensive Home Care (Respite Provider) accepted him moving date TBD.
Update: 5/15 referred to CABHH he previously denied on 3/29 along with residential and respite placement.
16 y/o M with hx of intellectual disability, poor distress tolerance, and maladaptive patterns to get needs met. Presents with chronic behavioral pattern of acting out to get needs met. Pervasive behavioral patterns in the community result in unsafe behaviors, high utilization of ERS, loss of placements, and exacerbating attachment struggles. He was d/c from respite placement through Twin Cities Home Care on 5/14 due to aggression and impulsive behaviors.


Update 5/6/24- Patient was moved to inpatient unit to manage behaviors, but still remains boarding there. No longer followed by ED team.
Update: 3/21/24 Dad is not going to take the child back. Did get MA switched to MN.
Update: Meeting today 3/14/24, potentially back to dad? Working on switching MA from WI to MN
Patient brought in from home due to aggressive behaviors. History of autism, recently returned to living with father after being in foster care in WI. Since returning to MN, has had limited services set up. Father does not feel safe taking patient home due to aggressive behaviors and other children in the home. Case managers in Wisconsin & MN working together on determining placement.


Pt came into ED on 5/4 via ambulance after property destruction at home. Parent is refusing to pick up. Was previously at Gerard for 45 day eval- discharged on 3/22 to parent. Has a DD waiver CM through the County and they report that he has been approved for out of home placement, making referrals for waiver paid crisis beds and group homes. He has a mild intellectual disability and has some auditory hallucinations that are baseline for pt, Gerard assessment suspected schizophreniform disorder, provisionally.


5/2 Update: Client has been discharged home twice (contracted for safety) and returned within 24 hours due to attempting to run into traffic. Has been approved for PRTF and referrals have been made to Northwoods (2 year waitlist) and Grafton. Inpt behavioral health is not an option due to previous stays. CABHH referral pending and they are attempting to admit pt when they have discharges.

Presented with attempted suicide on 4/4 (superficial laceration on arm). Also attempted to overdose on Lithium on 4/2. Appears to have a developmental delay. Denied at multiple inpt facilities due to previous aggression. Turns 18 in July.


Came to ED 4/5 after some property destruction at family home. Previously in FV’s PHP program. Mom refusing to pick up and refusing family first services in home. County now has temporary custody for out of home placement, has not been in out of home placement previously. Ongoing CPS worker assigned 4/18 and is starting placement search.


Update: Has been accepted to out of state placement in MA however struggling with arranging secure transportation- not a County paid placement as family is guardian. Also moved to IP unit at hospital 4/13 to board there until placement.

Patient presented from guardians home due to aggressive behaviors and agitation. Patient has a history of autism and developmental delays. Guardian does not feel she can care for her any longer at home and feels she needs out of home placement. Has historically been in crisis respite placements and done well in these until guardian brings home, where behaviors will escalate.


The patient is a 13 Y year-old male with a history of autism spectrum disorder, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, ADHD, and depression who presented to the ER on 4/5/24 via EMS from his residential facility for assessment of aggression and suicidal ideation. He has a long history of aggressive behaviors that per chart review worsened around October, 2023 and he has not been able to be safely maintained in his home since that time. He has had several extended hospitalizations and since he was admitted to residential on 2/5 has had 41 incident reports related to attempts to harm himself and aggression when staff attempt to intervene. He has had increasing dysregulation resulting in an increase in restraints, length of time in restraints, and the amount of staff it requires to calm him resulting in the inability to return to residential. Home is not an option at this time.


Per Emergency Protective Care Order, in need of out of home placement. Legal guardian through county, living with father in ND wasn’t successful.
Foster placement is not being recommended. Kinship placement has not been successful and is not a current option.
Patient has gone through Hennepin County QRTP screening – residential placement is recommended and is in alignment with psychology and psychiatry consult recommendations.


Update 3/14: Planning for DC back to home 3/15. Provided mom with resources for group home placement
Patient presented to the ER via law enforcement for suicidal ideation after getting into an argument with his brother and attempted to jump out of a 3rd story window and the vehicle. Mom does not feel safe with him at home due to ongoing aggression. Patient has ABA therapy and social worker.