Patient is an 8 yr old that has a history of disruptive behaviors at school and at home. She has a history of PTSD ADHD reactive attachment disorder and is on quite a few meds for behavioral health. Apparently she did not sleep well last night and woke up this morning threatening to kill her family members and herself. She continued to escalate at home to the point where mom called psychiatry and they recommended that she come to the ED. She arrives in ED out of control hitting, biting, kicking, and screaming. Mom states that this type of behavior for her has happened frequently in the past but has not had an episode like this for a year or two. She apparently is doing quite well in school and has not had any recent issues. Mom states that when she has these outbursts or crisis that this is typical where she has just a sudden change in her behavior and becomes violent at home. She has not missed any of her medications. Mom denies fever, no recent cough no abdominal pain no nausea vomiting or other recent infections. Mom states that in the remote past she has had a UTI with high fever but typically infections have not caused behavior issues. Patient has an established psychiatrist and has had numerous hopitalizations regarding same issues. Started having visual hallucination yesterday, medication adjustment decreased (risperdal) decreased a couple of months ago with the thoughts that this may be contributing. Biological mother has history of bipolar disorder and grandmother and cousin has history affective schizoid disorder. For the past week her behaviors have been escalating and has been getting harder and harder to negotiate with child. She has threatened to kill her 3 yr old brother and mom concerned for safety of other children in the home.


Came after being found in the street by a passerby who administered Narcan. Was incoherent, EMS brought her in to HCMC ED. Long history of trauma. Sexually abused in preschool by her father, who is incarcerated currently. Has been vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Her engagement with anyone in the community is a pathway to a friendship. Dakota County financial responsibility. Working with DaK. case mgr. Had an incident at school (interaction with the principal and had some sort of physical contact with him, charged with assault), so now has a probation officer. No aggression noted at hospital. Wonderful family support. Had been living with aunt. Will just walk out and engage with strangers who do not have her best interest in mind. When DA is complete will be looking for placement for her. community placement. Has been at CRTC and VOA. Working on getting all the info to understand her full picture. DRug screen was negative. Unsure if chemical abuse is dependent? She will use substances if someone offers it to her, socially.


State of MN is trying to find a way to build his own home, timing TBD.

Aggressive, DD, low IQ – 40-50, FAS, ward of state, targeted case mgr. Was provisionally discharged from CABHH, not allowed to return. Perhaps a plan is a state run group home, in development?