Leo A. Hoffmann Center

Leo A. Hoffmann Center transitioned from a Children’s Residential Facility (CRF) to a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) in 2021. Our principle focus of service delivery programming is to address psychiatric issues and work towards symptom reduction and mental health stability ideally to return home or to a lower level of care and address behavioral issues to reduce stage of life stressors. The targeted population we serve include male adolescents, ages 11-18, from all cultural and/or religious backgrounds, whom carry a mental health diagnosis and have attempted lower levels of care to manage behavioral and emotional mental health symptoms. Although clients may be served whom have sexual problematic behaviors, as of January, 1, 2023; Leo A. Hoffmann Center no longer is accredited through DOC to provide sex specific treatment services. PRTF will focus on providing treatment to manage mental health symptoms, strengthen family systems to manage mental health in home, and determine the best level of care for the client at discharge. It has been the long belief at the Hoffmann Center, that treatment and rehabilitation of adolescents in residential care occurs best when the clients are provided a safe, secure, and predictable environment, first and foremost. Hoffmann Center strives to create and maintain a holistic, attachment-based, individualized treatment environment (including cultural awareness), in which relationships are genuine, caring, and respectful. Supportive and individualized interventions, such as teaching self-regulation skills and social competencies, occur in structured, attachment-attuned environments until the client’s trauma-reactive behaviors and mental health symptoms are stabilized. Hoffmann Center’s therapeutic milieu is based upon an integrated treatment model and is put together as a developmental progression, which is reflective of core concepts of dialectical behavioral therapy, trauma informed/focused therapy, attachment, and developmental theories.

1715 Sheppard Dr
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