Hope Harbor (Marshall location)

Hope Harbor is a children’s residential facility, group residential setting, with two Minnesota locations for girls (Winona and Marshall) and one Parker, SD location for boys (operating as a non accredited private school that provides housing). Hope Harbor is a privately funded non-profit operating as a Christian ministry, serving and reconciling teens & families. The Hope Harbor program is a voluntary placement where teens ages 12-17 and their families have the opportunity to heal from past hurts and destructive choices. We offer a small, structured program that incorporates the entire family with a focus on Jesus Christ in all things in a ministry setting. Hope Harbor requires parent or guardian participation in program enrollment including parent weekly sessions and parenting class. Program duration is approximately one year. Hope Harbor does not bill insurance for services and does not provide licensed mental health services on site but coordinates with off site providers for these services.

219 N High Street
PO Box 26
Marshall MN 56258