Aris Clinic

At Aris Clinic, we offer full outpatient therapeutic and medication management services for all ages. Our clinic runs an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) meant for kids ages 8-18 struggling with emotional and behavioral health issues that cause significant difficulties in their families, schools and/or communities. The IOP teaches strategies for personal growth and success. Professional staff provide a nurturing, structured program of psychiatry sessions/medication management, three hours of group therapy and a weekly family session. Patients are grouped by age and needs. All students learn empowering social-emotional, psycho-educational, mindfulness and coping skills. Our treatment approach emphasizes addressing patients’ biological, psychological and social issues. We are big believers in the power of lifestyle medicine, which includes nutrition, exercise, healthy sleep, nature and healthy relationships. The program is short-term, tailored to patient needs, and typically lasts 6-12 weeks.

2040 Woodwinds Dr
Woodbury MN 55125