Patient was adopted 2 years prior from Bulgaria. Initially, patient had very odd behaviors. For example, he would like his adoptive dad to be present in the bathroom when he went to the bathroom and showered. Parents state his behaviors have escalated. He has tried to masturbate the dog. He draws pictures of men with erections. He has exposed his genitals to his siblings. Purposefully incontinent of stool at tines. He has killed a Chinchilla and possibly several cats. He has tried to strangle the dog. They found sharp objects including a razor and sharp screwdriver under the bed. He did cut the top of his left hand but states this was an accident. Adoptive mom states they have a special needs child and patient has tried to harm this child. Parents are worried about safety within the home and are unable to bring him home at this time.


Patient is under the guardianship of Swift County, and presented to the ED from his group home in Hennepin County. Patient got upset after being denied an outing, and went out to the road (not a busy road) and threatened suicide by getting hit by a car. Police were called, and patient was taken back to his group home where he made homicidal threats towards a neighbor. Group home staff then requested patient be seen by the emergency department. Patient has had multiple psychiatric hospitalizations. Patient reports frequent suicide attempts with methods unlikely to harm him, such as tying shoestrings around neck. Patient has a history of self-harm.