Update 5/23/24: Patient has been accepted to Avanti RTC with a scheduled admission for Tuesday 6/4.

Update 5/15/24: Patient was accepted to North Homes RTC, guardian declined. Patient accepted to Avanti RTC with tentative opening 6/10.

Patient is a 17-year-old individual who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. They admitted to PrairieCare Inpatient Hosptial via ED due to an increase in suicidal ideation. This is their 3rd psychiatric inpatient hospitalization, they have done PHP, and engaged in outpatient mental health therapy and psychiatry. County funding has been approved for RTC on 4/25/24.

Discharge Plan:
RTC: (county funding approved on 4/25)
-Avanti (ACCEPTED, tentative opening 6/10)
-Gerard (Referral sent & received, awaiting secondary review)
-North Homes (accepted with immediate opening – county and guardian declined placement)

Continue with established outpatient providers:
-Individual therapy: South Central Human Relations-Owatonna
-CMHCM: MN Prairie County Alliance


This child is a ward of Steele County with Significant aggression and significant trauma. Mom died in 2019, Dad in group home for TBI. Suicidal/homicidal statements, thoughts. Tried to place with 19 yo sibling which lasted for a month, but brother doesn’t think he can keep him safe any longer. Came from SERCC to Mayo ED when he escalated to a point that they couldn’t care for him. He has been doing OK since he got there but has had a few instances of escalating to the point of needing to be restrained with holds and sedation. Struggles with conspiracy theories, as his mom died of a septic kidney infection, but he believes that her boyfriend poisoned her. He is fearful of being poisoned; he won’t sleep without someone watching over him. Not safe for a group home at this point.