Pt came to ED on 5/10 via foster care parent due to suicidal ideation. Foster parent refusing to take back due to these behaviors. Was previously in North Homes residential and was in inpatient with us from 2/5-2/13. County reports they are exploring residential and PRTF, waiting for DA to come back with recommendation. Completing referral for Nexus YCT. Pt’s mental health is being negatively impacted by boarding, she has been continuously sobbing in our ED about being here.


Pt came to ED after ongoing behavioral concerns at home with guardian/grandmother, physical and verbal aggression, and threats. Previously discharged from CADI GH for physical aggression, went to JDC for that but was released after a rule 20. Declined by North Homes, Northwoods, and CABHH. A CADI home in Duluth that may be an option.


Patient presented from North Homes due to suicidal ideation and aggressive behaviors. Patient was initially recommended for IPMH however stabilized in ED and no longer required admission. Patient has been discharged from North Homes and is in need of long-term placement as she cannot return to guardian’s home. Case manager will be working on referrals for RTC and out of home placements.


Patient is presenting to the ED for the following concerns: suicidal ideation, depression. Patient reports he tried to kill himself last night by stabbing himself with a dull pencil. Patient reports suicidal and homicidal thoughts that have increased in last two weeks. He has been at North Homes for three months. He was discharged to North Homes after a hospital stay at UMMC in September for SI. At North Homes, the patient escalated and told staff he was suicidal. He took the batteries out of a remote and tried to swallow them. He also tried to stab self with dull pencil. He became combative and needed to be restrained and then kicked staff in chest and tried to kick another staff. Patient then stated he would find each clients personal info and then take pictures of other clients after he killed them and send to parents. Patient told staff he would kill other clients and himself.
Patient reports long history of MH including PTSD, MDD and GAD. Patient has been hospitalized 2 x in past 6 months. Patient reports history of trauma. Patient states he has history of SIB.


ASD, Aggression, DD, language impairment. Has failed at 2 group homes since being on this list.


UPDATE 9/7/23: Pending potential foster/emergency beds.
UPDATE 8/31/23: Possible emergency foster bed open 9/5, emergent SMRT application in process. Still waiting living placement.

13 y/o female with a history of PTSD, depression, ADHD, mild CD concerns. Patient has a history of previous psychiatric hospitalizations related to increase in SI, SIB, and/or suicide attempts. Patient currently has an outpatient therapist and children’s mental health case manager; treatment history includes outpatient therapy and psychiatric hospitalizations as well as one prior placement at Northwoods crisis stabilization program. Patient is in foster care under guardianship of St. Louis County. Patient was in a foster home prior to inpatient hospitalization but is unable to return to that placement after discharge. Patient has Ucare PMAP insurance.

Discharge Recommendations:
Continue individual therapy established provider
Continue CMHCM with established provider
Continue primary care/medication management with established provider
Establish psychiatry (SW to refer/follow up with outpatient team RE: pending referral)

Estimated length of stay:
Until placement is established by the County (Patient is medically ready for discharge as of 08/16/23)


15 year old male with a history of ASD, ADHD, trauma, and multiple prior psychiatric hospitalizations and residential placements. He was admitted to the hospital after becoming aggressive and self-injurious while at crisis stabilization home. Patient has a history of making significant threats of violence and has been repeatedly sexually inappropriate. He was removed from his home after having molested a younger cousin. Patient will, at times, express remorse for his behaviors while at other times appearing grandiose and narcissistic, with violence perpetrated in response to narcissistic injury.