She has been in foster care placement for the past 3 years. She has four other siblings whom are also in the foster care system. mother’s rights are in the process of being terminated. She ran away from foster home and was staying with a friend. Friend’s mother called police for fear of being in trouble housing a runaway. She refuses to go back to foster provider and foster provider cannot keep patient safe from running. CPS guardian and seeking shelter placement


Comes from shelter placement (Von Wald) due to aggression. Has probation with court on 3/14/24. Voluntarily placed with Rice County by family due to safety concerns. The CASII score is 6 with strong recommendation for wilderness residential programming, as he has been through a few ‘traditional’ residential programs, so he has some buy-in for wilderness type residential. Looking for shelter vs group home as waiting for residential programming. Parents hesitant to look at out-of-state programs.


RAD. Aggression at home. Parents unable to accommodate needs at home so resident remains in ED. Hasn’t needed hospital since mid feb but parents unable to take her home. Accepted 3/15 to Community Living Options.


SI, SIB, high risk behaviors (running away, substance use), foster family found burn marks on her sheets. Has been in 7 foster homes over last 2 years. CPS/foster family found notes referencing suicide in her room, SIB. ETOH use, THC use, deceitful, dishonesty. School staff and therapist was shocked, presents as a well-adjusted child. As in school. Struggles to connect with people. Makes poor choices with her sister. Likes to burn candles and leaves them, does she forget or is it intentional. Burn marks on sheets, lighter in room. Admitted because of SIB/SI notes. Struggling to find a foster family – from small area so other foster families hesitant to take her in. Question as to if residential treatment is appropriate? At this point, foster care or shelter care is rec. Was formerly at a partial program at Prairie Care.