Patients a 16yr female with a history of albinism, anxiety and depression, ADHD, unspecified intellectual disability and borderline personality disorder presenting to the ED with complaints of suicidal ideation with plan. Was discharged from PSJ on 11/08/23. Started PHP at PSJ on 10/9/23, became aggressive and had a episode with SI statements and brought to the ED. Extensive inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations over the past year with >4 at Prairie St Johns, and 4 months at Prairie Care Medical Center from 4/18/23 -8/25/23.


sexual behaviors, aggression, mostly stable but his history makes placement challenging.


Update on 8/17/23 – still waiting placement, relocated to peds area, not admitted, still an ED patient.

Patient is ward of state with guardianship by Otter Tail County. On a stay of commitment. Terrible trauma history and aggression – toward inanimate objects, but occ if staff gets close, she will be aggressive toward a person. Multiple hospitalizations/boarding situations, multiple (5-6) PRTF placements and failures, including an out of state facility that was suddenly shut down. Was in Rochester for hotel with respite, but they brought her in after less than a week due to behaviors. Struggles to regulate when frustrated.


14yr old male who presents to Emergency Dept with homicidal ideations with dad from school. He denies making statements of a homicidal nature but per report he threatened to kill his school paraprofessional and “shoot up the school.” Patient has access to means and at the time reported intent. He also make threats to hospital staff when angry and has made several comments about owning a gun. He has a history of acting violently and notes when he is angry he could do something to harm others. He missed several days of his psychiatric medications which may be contributing to this escalating behavior. Medication was restarted two days ago but he needs a safe secure environment to restart medication and to further evaluated his risk of threat to others. Patient is perseverative in this thinking, restless, and with disorganized thinking which may be in part due to not receiving his ADHD prior to this assessment but also deserves further assessment.


UPDATE: Pt discharged home with improvement of some symptoms and wraparound services. CABHH and PRTF referral stand.

16 yo adopted white gender fluid/nonbinary adolescent with Albinism of Otter Tail County. No hx of attachment concerns. Delay with speech. Some historical cognitive and attentional concerns. No substance use. Expressing SI, SIB urges and lability. Hospitalized twice in early 2023 until admission to PrairieCare RTC on 4/11/23, needing a higher level of care, admitting to Inpatient 4/18/23. Patient has severe lip biting when dysregulating causing multiple lip lacerations, requiring suturing.

Primary Recommendation is CABHH; Referral made, on waitlist.

Residential Treatment or PRTF consideration:
-Avanti; referral made, declined due to aggression and seclusion history
-Northwoods; referral made, on call back list, 9 month waitlist
-North Homes; referral made, accepted, waitlist out to mid-summer/fall 2023> still would need QRTP funding*
-Gerard; referral made, reviewing, declined due to staffing needs in educational settings
-CRTC; referral made, declined
-Heartland Girls Ranch, county SW to refer
-Village Ranch, county SW to refer

-Grafton, referral made, denied, can reach out in a couple months for re-review due to their staffing
-NorthWoods, waitlist 12 months
-Leo A Hoffman; referral not made, only accepting Male patients

Out-of-state RTC:
Guardian declines referrals for out-of-state placement at this time

*QRTP funding is not in place- Parent does not consent to Relative Search which Otter Tail County uses in the QRTP pre placement screening process.


Patient was brought to the Emergency Dept. after having a violent outburst at a residential facility in Fargo, ND. Concern for physical aggression and property damage. Patient reportedly was involved in a verbal altercation with another resident who was calling him by the wrong pronouns. He has now been discharged from the residential facility with no alternative residential facilities available. Otter Tail County (MN) is the guardian. Guardian has exhausted all options. He has been calm and cooperative in the ED with no outbursts. He is medically cleared and he is not meeting criteria for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.


Patient presented after RTC in Nevada abruptly closed that patient was residing at; patient was flown home to MN and brought directly to the ED due to lack of placement following RTC closing. Patient is under guardianship of Otter Tail county. History of aggressive behaviors in community and placements however has been calm throughout ED stay.