Discharge Plan:
-Gerard (PT denied d/t documented IQ, requested reconsideration as new testing shows IQ as 78, pending)
-Northwoods (Waitlist is 1+ years long)
-North Homes (Pt denied d/t age)
-Acadia Out of State RTC network (Referral sent, pending)
-CABHH (Referral sent, pending)

10 yr old female admitting from Windom Area Health emergency department for suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation. Pt eloped from school and attempted to run into traffic and was brought to the ED via the police. Nobles County is Legal Guardian.

Existing services:
-Psychiatry through Southwest Mental Health Center
-New therapist starting in December through Healing Path in Levurne
-Previous therapist through Greater MN Family Services
-Neuropsych done with Surdy Psychological Mankato
-Nobles County guardian and CMHCM
-Nobles County guardian and CPS