Presented after a sexual assault. She has a known history of depression and PTSD, polysubstance use and prior sexual assaults, trafficking and pelvic inflammatory disease.


Update 1/15/24- potential admission to Ain Duh Yung Center today.

Patient presented via EMS after running away from emergency foster placement. Foster home is not willing to take her back. The patient is polite and calm though guarded and provides minimal information. She was seen by psych on arrival to the ER with recommendations to return to foster placement. She was removed from her biological parent’s home at age 3 and has been in foster home placements since. We have received minimal information about her history from legal guardian though previous foster provider noted that she was found with cigarettes, pipe, and a needle in her possession recently.


History of trauma, sexual exploitation, concurring with MH and substance use. Co-managed by psychology and addiction medicine in the hospital. Community PCP has been established who can also monitor suboxone. Patient in need of short-term placement. Has been referred to Heartland Girl’s Ranch.


Substance use history, family signed out from treatment program and has been on the run for the past 6 months after mom signed her out of facility in Brainerd. History of abuse from grandfather whom she was staying with. Leech Lake custody. Drinking since age 9. MH primary dx.


FASD, PTSD. Has lived in group homes. LSS home until last summer when there were allegations against staff and drank bleach for self-harm. Series of Shelter placements, ext. ER placements. Admit to Prairie care 2 mos ago, End of Dec. came to ANW ED. Rec group home funded by DD waiver. 18 in March. Leech Lake will be going for guardianship when she turns 18. Had done well in group home setting, but recently had a younger roommate that transferred, and became very upset after that.


Came from foster care. Needs foster care to he can go to to Juvenile detention.


History of suicide attempts and self-harm, verbal and physical agression, DD, FAS, ADHD, identifies as non-binary