5/2 Update: Client has been discharged home twice (contracted for safety) and returned within 24 hours due to attempting to run into traffic. Has been approved for PRTF and referrals have been made to Northwoods (2 year waitlist) and Grafton. Inpt behavioral health is not an option due to previous stays. CABHH referral pending and they are attempting to admit pt when they have discharges.

Presented with attempted suicide on 4/4 (superficial laceration on arm). Also attempted to overdose on Lithium on 4/2. Appears to have a developmental delay. Denied at multiple inpt facilities due to previous aggression. Turns 18 in July.


Recently at inpatient psych X 10 days. D/c to respite care. Recently transitioned home from respite and aggression within 48 hours of d/c from respite. Needs residential. Interview with North Homes on Monday.