*UPDATE: Admission to Gerard 7/28/23- just pending county funding at this time, 2nd screening today, 7/20

16 YO Female in 10th grade. Two previous psychiatric hospitalizations (2/23/22-3/4/22 and 9/17/23-9/27/23) in addition to the current admission. Has attended Day treatment. No alcohol or Drug use. Increasing SI and history of self harm. Hx of sexual abuse at age 9.

-RTC: Avanti Center for Girls (Referral sent, pt accepted, 6 month wait list)
-RTC: Gerard Academy (Referral sent, pt accepted, admission, 7/28/23, pending county funding)
-RTC: North Homes (Referral Sent, pt approved, opening estimated for August-September)
-RTC: Northwood Children’s Services (Referral Sent)

Interim Plan:
-Day Treatment: TSA (pt able to return if/when it is safe to DC)
-CMHCM: Janet, Isanti County
-DBT: (SW to provide resources upon DC for guardian to use after RTC)