Update 5/23/24: Needs psycho-sexual eval, but there is no place to send him to have it done as it can’t be done in the hospital.
Pt was brought into ED on 5/11 by mother due to allegations of abuse. Mother resides in DV shelter and shelter is not allowing pt to return there due to pt behaviors (bangs his head, kicks walls, makes threats, aggression toward mother.) Mother is trying to find new housing so that pt can return to her. County referrals made to Northwoods, North Homes, Village Ranch and Mille Lacs Academy- programs thus far are months out. Barrier to many programs is pt age. County JST is meeting today at 10:30am to discuss further options. Planning to refer for Nexus YCT once discussed with all team members and ROI is received.


*UPDATE: Admission to Gerard 7/28/23- just pending county funding at this time, 2nd screening today, 7/20

16 YO Female in 10th grade. Two previous psychiatric hospitalizations (2/23/22-3/4/22 and 9/17/23-9/27/23) in addition to the current admission. Has attended Day treatment. No alcohol or Drug use. Increasing SI and history of self harm. Hx of sexual abuse at age 9.

-RTC: Avanti Center for Girls (Referral sent, pt accepted, 6 month wait list)
-RTC: Gerard Academy (Referral sent, pt accepted, admission, 7/28/23, pending county funding)
-RTC: North Homes (Referral Sent, pt approved, opening estimated for August-September)
-RTC: Northwood Children’s Services (Referral Sent)

Interim Plan:
-Day Treatment: TSA (pt able to return if/when it is safe to DC)
-CMHCM: Janet, Isanti County
-DBT: (SW to provide resources upon DC for guardian to use after RTC)