6/4/24 admission note: Patient is a 14-year-old female admitted to PrairieCare for suicidal ideation and self-injurious behaviors. Patient was recently discharged from a 45-days residential program. 2 days post discharge patient began threatening to kill her mom and reported SI with plan to jump in front of a car. Pt has a history of recurrent major depression SI, and SIB.

Discharge Plan:
SMRT-Hennepin County (7/8)
PRTF/QRTP – Level 6:
-Grafton (declined due to current milieu at facility)
-Nexus East Bethel (unable to refer due to insurance)
-Leo A Hoffman (unable to refer due to males only)
-Bar None Haven (SW to send referral once consent obtained)
-Northwood (SW to send referral once consent obtained)
-The Youth Village in Tennessee (guardian pursuing)
-Acadia Healthcare (SW to send referral once consent obtained)

Current Providers-
Therapy- Paula Ocampo at Lake Country Associates
EMDR therapy-Tiffany Rundquist, Sanford Health Bemidji
Pediatric Neurology- Dr. Ilgarli, Essentia Health
Psychiatry- Daniel Janiczak, MD and Kayla Scheneit, MD- Sandford Bemidji
CMHCM- Erika Kjellberg, Hubbard County
CTSS- Megan Berg, Hubbard County
EMPATH at Bemidji Sanford 2 times/week