Update 5/23/24: Patient accepted to Heartland Girls Ranch with scheduled admission Wednesday 5/29 – county funding was approved.

Patient presents to inpatient from the ED due to an increase in SI. This is her third psychiatric inpatient hospitalization. She has done PHP twice and engaged in outpatient mental health services.

Discharge Plans –
RTC: (JST funding meeting on 5/17)
-Avanti Center for Girls (referral under review)
-Nexus Gerard (referral under secondary review)
-North Homes (pt is on waitlist – 4-6 weeks out)
-Village Ranch- Annandale (pt is on waitlist – end of June)
-Heartland Girls Ranch (referral under review)

Continue with established outpatient providers:
– Therapist: Mayo Clinic Health Systems Austin
– Family Therapist: Albert Lea
– Medication Management: Mayo Clinic Austin
– Case Management: Freeborn County
– Occupational Therapist: Mayo Clinic Rochester


Patient came to our ED after a physical altercation with another resident at Aspen House, is not able to return there. Has been to multiple shelters and RTCs in the past, success with some of these programs. County is looking at other shelters as well as waiting for a previous provider to send recommendation for PRTF. Has been denied by VOA Bar None- all programs, can’t return to Von Wald shelters, discharged previously from Prairie Care, and can’t return to Aspen. 3rd time in the ED in a month.


Pt was in residential at Prairie Care and was discharged due to behaviors/property destruction/aggression, not allowed to return. Just switched custody from one CPS worker to another so details of history are not complete, but information is being gathered. Know she was previously in out of state placement in Oklahoma where she was discharged due to physical aggression. County is looking at VOA- Bar None Haven and Nexus East Bethel, and hospital is referring to Nexus YCT.