Update: Discharging to CABHH on Monday 4.15.24

Pt was at North Homes, then was in Fairview’s inpatient unit for 35 days. Was going to return to North Homes from there, in transport there on 3/27 pt attempted to overdose on pills stating he didn’t want to go back to North Homes and was brought back to Fairview ED where he is currently boarding. Prior to being at North Homes he was at CABHH. County team have referred to Nexus Mille Lacs- long wait and Passageways. Hospital referred to Nexus YCT.


16 year old, county ward, who has been at Gerard Academy for 1.5 months and had escalating SI in the context of conflict with peers at Gerard and then ultimately learning that father’s parental rights were terminated. Long previous history of neglect and possible abuse, multiple family members with substance use disorders. At Gerard was leaving the facility and finding sharps to potentially harm himself with. Initially was recommended for inpatient psychiatric care, but declined by all facilities due to history of aggression or behavioral issues in those facilities previously. Eventually acute SI resolved while boarding in the ED, but as plans have been made to work on return to Gerard, he has repeatedly stated he does not want to go back there and will hurt himself or others if he does. His case manager reports that similar statements have arisen repeatedly in the past as placement facilties start to challenge him and seem to serve the function of avoiding difficult emotions. Currently trying to work with Gerard staff and case manager to help him safety plan for a return to Gerard.