Patient admitted to North Homes Shelter on 4/5 while awaiting North Homes RTC admission!

Update 4/3/24: Pt admitting to North Homes Shelter 4/5 at 1100 until North Homes RTC admission- Thank you, Connie!!!!

Insurance:BCBS MN PMAP

Case Description: Patient presents to PrairieCare Inpatient Hospital from the ED. Prior to the ED, she was at Village Ranch RTC/group home. Patient is no longer able to return to Village Ranch as they are recommending a higher level of care that can provide more supports, she also is not able to return home at this time.
Recommendation is for level 5 QRTP.

Discharge Plan:
-Avanti Center for Girls (Referral sent)
-Gerard (Referral sent)
-North Homes (Referral sent, tentative opening beginning of May, interim North Homes Shelter)
-Village Ranch (pt unable to return due to recommending more support/higher LOC)

-CMHCM with Crow Wing County


Patient was in Prairie Lake JDC and his ‘time was served’. County did not have a place for him and reported a judge ordered for a sheriff to drive him from there to ANW for acute MH care. He does not need IP MH care, Crow Wing County does not have a place for him. They are connected with Solutions, working on group home placement.

Patient placed at Crisis respite hotel.