Updated 3/7/224: Admission scheduled for 3/12, discharge from hospital will occur same day
Updated 3/1/24: SW was informed the admission date was moved to March 12th. Scheduled admission to Nexus East bethel for March 12th
Updated 2/28/24: East Bethel Accepted- Admission scheduled for March 7th time TBD, pt remains on the inpatient unit.
Updated 2/15/24- East Bethel Accepted- Opening now first week of March, pt remains on the inpatient unit.
Updated 2/1/24: East Bethel Accepted- Opening mid February
Updated 1/25/24: East Bethel tentatively accepted- opening mid February
Updated 1/11/24: East Bethel will review, if accepted- admission in a few weeks.
Update 1/9/24: Patient has been declined to Grafton PRTF due to her behaviors not being appropriate for current milieu and identified as it would not be therapeutic.

Discharge Plans: PRTF is medically recommended by inpatient treatment team
PRTF: Nexus East Bethel (Referral sent & under review, will likely hear about acceptance decision in January 2024)
PRTF: Grafton (declined on 1/9 due to behaviors not appropriate fit for current milieu)
-(DHS eligibility form for PRTF sent and approved)

Referrals to RTC’s made previously by the county:
-LSS, Sioux Falls: Couldn’t meet pt’s needs, low cognitive function, and FAS diagnosis
-Gerard: Couldn’t meet pt’s needs and FAS diagnosis
-North Homes: CMHCM referred for 35 day evaluation, still working on an acceptance
-Avanti: Pt’s legal guardian did not consent due to distance away from home
-Boys Town, Nebraska: Declined due to FAS diagnosis

Continue with established outpatient providers:
-CMHCM: Des Moines Valley Health and Human Services
-Medication Management: Windom Hospital
-Individual Therapist: Greater MN

This is patient’s 5th psychiatric inpatient hospitalization. Patient’s current admission is due to increased suicidal ideation, behavioral dysregulation, and homicidal threats towards staff and peers at school. Patient has utilized outpatient mental health supports such as psychotherapy, medication management, children’s mental health case management, children’s therapeutic support services, vocational rehabilitation skills, as well as group home and respite care. Patient has engaged in partial hospitalization program twice.