4/10/24: Patient discharged from inpatient on 4/10/24 and admitted to Gerard RTC.

4/3/24 Update: Accepted at Gerard, parent and pt excited for Gerard RTC. However, pt’s parent not in agreement to VPA for the purpose of RTC funding, thus, missed admission. Parent working with county to make some edits on VPA and then pt will admit to Gerard RTC on 4/10/24.

Case Description: 17 y/o male w/ hx of MDD, GAD, ODD, PTSD, polysubstance abuse( in remission), multiple suicide attempts currently presenting due to SI w/ plan to hang self. Patient has been struggling w/ worsening symptoms of depression due to mothers upcoming death anniversary coming up.

Insurance is BCBS MN PMAP

Discharge Plan: RTC:
– Gerard (Referral submitted by IT, Tentative admit Weds 4/3 at 1300 pending county funding; 3.21.24 County funding approved but adoptive parent not in agreement to “sign custody to the county” for the purpose of RTC funding, thus, missed admission, next admission scheduled for 4/10/24)
– North Homes (Referral submitted by IT)
– Nexus Mille Lacs (Referral submitted)
– Village Ranch (Referral submitted)

Current Providers:
– Individual Therapy at Rooted Counseling in Moorhead
– Primary Care with Sanford Children’s Southwest Clinic
– Medication Management at Midwest Mental Health
– Group Home Case Management at Valley-Lake Boys Home
– Probation at Clay County
– Group Therapy through Valley-Lake Boys Home
– CMHCM at Clay County